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Your Managers Should Be in a Mastermind Group, Too


Bob Surface, the SVP of Club Solutions Mastermind Groups, shares why your managers can and should benefit from peer-to-peer learning.

I once heard a friend say, “Ideas without implementation are just intellectual entertainment.” Having a good idea alone is not enough. What’s more important than just having a good idea is being able to implement your idea. So then the question is, how do you get better at implementation?

The key to successful implementation is getting buy-in from others. In order to get buy-in, the key individuals on your team need to be on the same page or have the same mindset. I’m not suggesting everyone in your organization think the same. What I am saying though is all the key players need to have the same mindset when it comes to solving problems. The proper mindset is continuous growth and continuous improvement.

One way to help your team get the proper mindset is to encourage all of your key team members to be in a mastermind group of their own. It’s great if you yourself are in a mastermind group, but I would argue it’s not enough. It’s just as important the members of your management team be in a mastermind group as well.

There are four different types of mastermind groups for the various roles on your management team. There are groups for: 

  • Owners, operators, CEOs and presidents
  • Management and general managers
  • Sales and marketing leaders
  • Fitness managers, program managers and PT directors

Let’s take a closer look at why your management team should be in a mastermind group:

  • Buy-in is easier because you’ll have more team members with a growth mindset.
  • Implementation is easier because you’ll have more buy-in.
  • With more learning, you’ll have more potential solutions to solve your problems.
  • You’ll improve your culture. A spirit of continuous learning and continuous improvement is contagious. With more managers involved in mastermind groups, you’ll see a positive change in your organizational culture.

Still not convinced? Ask yourself, how many times have you attended an industry event, conference or learning session only to come back to the office and not be able to translate your excitement into implementation? This is very common. Your team wasn’t there with you to experience what you experienced. Your team wasn’t in an intense learning environment. Your team didn’t have a group to share ideas with, learn best practices from and be challenged by. It’s unreasonable to expect them to be as excited as you are.

However, if you and your team are plugged into the same process, you’ll likely share the same mindset and be more effective. It’s as simple as this: if it takes a team to succeed then all key team members need to be in a mastermind group. In addition, having key leaders from your organization participate in mastermind groups is a great way to reward dedicated employees and provide an effective path for professional growth.

For more information on joining a mastermind group, go to clubsolutionsmgx.com or contact Bob Surface, the SVP of Club Solutions Mastermind Groups, at bob@peakemedia.com.

Bob Surface

Bob Surface is the SVP of Club Solutions Mastermind Groups. You can contact him at bob@peakemedia.com.

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