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ASF Payment Solutions: Making Data-Driven Decisions


ASF Payment Solutions (ASF), a turn-key club management software and payment processing solution, has been committed to owners since 1973 watching the fitness industry technologically evolve and increase the needs of gyms and fitness clubs.

Recently, ASF has been talking to their customers and industry experts about how they use analytics, set up KPIs, understand their revenue streams and remittance in order to deliver a series of new dashboards that give them key stats with one click.

For example, a customer might ask themselves, “What is my net revenue so far this month?”

“This question sounds simple,” explained Nick Hahn, the vice president of product for ASF. “Most software can give you a report that will have an answer. But how easy is it to tell why the numbers look off from what you were expecting? Can you use a series of graphs to drill down to discover the trends occurring within your club? We put a lot of thought and research into the design of our dashboards to give operators a clear view of their business on one screen with one click.”

Here, Hahn shares more about ASF and why it is important for clubs to make data-driven decisions to drive revenue.

How does ASF’s technology stand out from competitors?  

Everything we’ve been building is cloud-first. Our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) has allowed us to break new ground with cloud-based member management. If you’ve watched any NFL games last season, you likely saw a commercial talking about their new NextGen Stats capabilities powered by AWS. We are using the same underlying technology.

Why is it important for clubs to make data-driven decisions to drive revenue?

Club operators are some of the smartest and most passionate people I have worked with in my career. Their instincts are always spot-on. However, sometimes they are making decisions based on incomplete data. They don’t have access to the complete picture. Our account managers love showing our customers how to use our analytics to complete that picture — it leads to exciting organizational changes.

How else can gyms using data/analytics to improve their bottom line?  

Everything is designed to make your data accessible through visualizations. The best uses are going to be the ones we haven’t even thought of. I am excited every time I hear a new story about a discovery our operators make.

One of our product managers was holding a session with customers to get feedback on a visualization that is still in development. During the session, the COO of a multi-club chain asked our product manager to drill into a chart that didn’t look right to him. Within a few clicks, it was discovered that a single one of the locations had not disabled a specific add-on as instructed. He now had a coaching opportunity for their general manager meeting the next day.

What else would you like gym owners to know about Club OS/ASF?

We want to be your tech partner. We have an eco-system of solutions, but we will partner with other best-in-class offerings to give you what you need to run your business effectively.

Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown is the assistant editor for Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at taylor@peakemedia.com

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