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Data Security with Mark Harrington Jr. — Episode 30

data security

Data security is a growing concern in numerous industries, the club industry included.

So the question that stands is how are you protecting your business against the growing number of digital data attacks?

In this episode of the Club Solutions Magazine podcast, host Rachel Zabonick-Chonko chats with Mark Harrington Jr., the president of Healthworks and Republic Fitness, on the topic of data security. They discuss the surprising frequency in ransomware attacks, and Harrington Jr. shares specific strategies clubs can use to guard their member and company data.

Show Notes on the Data Security Discussion

  • What’s increasing and why it’s worrisome.
  • Why a great IT person is your first step.
  • The most ransomware attacks happen through your staff. Here’s how to help that.
  • Always question clicking on this and what you should never do.
  • What to install to help protect people’s devices.
  • Some steps Harrington Jr. is taking to beef up his security.
  • What to look for in a data security partner.
  • Why you need a data security response plan in place.
  • How this plays into members’ trust and respect of your business as well.
  • The importance of recognizing the impact to you if something did happen to your organization.
  • Why you need segmentation when it comes to technology.
  • Now is the time to tighten up your security — and how it’ll better the industry as a whole.

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