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Hybrid Fitness Deserves a High-Five

hybrid fitness

Cortney Ridley, the director of digital marketing at gymGO, shares why incorporating the hybrid fitness model can work for both fitness professionals and clients as a value-add.

During recent years, fitness professionals have had to become more creative with how they deliver quality services to their clients. At one point, working out at home became a necessity and countless people, who were used to training on-site and in-person, were left to find alternative means for fitness.

Today, although most restrictions due to the coronavirus have been lifted, there are still some who aren’t fully comfortable in a traditional gym setting. As a result, most fitness professionals have found that creatively diversifying their offerings, by adopting a hybrid fitness model, has positively impacted retention rates, efficiency, effectiveness and client results.

What is a hybrid fitness model?

The hybrid fitness model is just that; a fitness model that combines both online and in-person training to yield a versatile and efficient approach to training. This model creates a happy medium for both fitness professionals and clients alike, without sacrificing quality. This model provides your clients with the face-to-face training they need and want but also gives fitness professionals and their clients the flexibility to train anywhere, at any time.

Why consider training the hybrid way?

During the peak of the pandemic, many people found time for fitness, for the very first time and largely did so by training virtually and people who were used to working out in a gym setting were forced to do otherwise. This common thread has lead to both groups of people learning that working out remotely can in fact work for them and knowing this, offering a healthy balance of online and in-person training options is undoubtedly the way to go.

For fitness professionals, the hybrid fitness model has proven to maximize time, boost income, and increase client results. For clients, hybrid fitness is a great way to remain consistent, no matter their preferred method of training. Also, hybrid fitness offers a more budget-friendly option for those who would like to regularly train in-person but can’t afford it.

Who does hybrid fitness work for?

Everyone. Hybrid fitness is not only a means for flexibility within fitness, but it’s a way to establish and maintain long-lasting relationships. People need people and what better way is there to establish a real connection than to create a space that involves setting goals, accountability, and meeting goals, virtually?

Life happens and not everyone can manage to train in-person, all the time. The need for alternative fitness, by way of virtual training has been and still is a must, that is increasingly becoming a preference for many. Incorporating the hybrid fitness model can work for both fitness professionals and clients because it’s a value-add and an extra level of service that the majority of clients will love and appreciate.

Cortney Ridley

Cortney Ridley is the director of digital marketing at gymGO. She can be reached at cridley@gymgo.com or support@gymgo.com.

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