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5 Things You’ll Get From Your Mastermind Group


By now, hopefully you’ve heard about the new industry mastermind groups. If you haven’t, as a quick reminder they are peer groups for owners/operators, general managers, sales and marketing leaders, and fitness/personal training directors. The groups consist of no more than eight members and a facilitator, non-competitors, and meet virtually twice per month.

For those of you who are still considering, check out these five takeaways:

1. Accountability. We all need accountability. Whether it’s in our personal life or professionally, accountability helps us to follow through. When you’re in a mastermind group, you get accountability partners.

Do you have accountability partners in your personal life? Hopefully the answer is yes. Do you have accountability partners professionally? Who is the person that makes sure you follow through on your business goals? Most health club operators do not have accountability partners. 

Looking at accountability through a different lens, you could make an argument the reason personal training is so effective is because the trainer acts as an accountability partner for the member. We all know how important accountability is in personal training. Are you using this same insight and putting it to work for you in your professional development?

2. New Ideas. If we’ve learned anything in the past 12 months, it’s we all need to be flexible and change our strategy based on circumstances. Part of changing strategy is having new ideas to address new challenges and opportunities. The new ideas can be new products to add to your current offering or replacement products. The new ideas could be ways of motivating employees or new hiring practices. There are endless possibilities for new ideas.

If you’re in a mastermind group, you’ll get new ideas from other group members, and you’ll also get ideas indirectly from the topics and best practices discussed in each session.

3. Best Practices. None of us have all the answers. Mastermind groups allow you to learn and share best practices from others in similar business situations. In each session you’ll hear best practices on topics ranging from sales and marketing to specific areas like personal training and technology. Most important, learning best practices can help you “shortcut” the time required instead of “learning the hard way.” After, you can apply what you learn to help you make better future decisions.

4. Your Personal Focus Group. Mastermind groups can serve as your personal focus group. You’ll have the ability to test concepts, ideas and theories. This means before you launch a new idea or strategy, you can effectively test it within your group. This will save time, money and improve the chances you’ll succeed.

5. Industry Insights from Across the Country. Because the meetings are virtual, the mastermind groups offer easier access. Because they are easier to access, your mastermind group will have people from all over the country. When you have members literally from all over the country, everyone has a great opportunity for learning. 

Similar to best practices and new ideas, you’ll be able to learn new successful concepts from the diversity in geography represented in your group. 

These are just a few of the takeaways you’ll get from your mastermind group. There are many, many more. So what’s next?

For more info on joining a mastermind group, go to clubsolutionsmgx.com or contact Bob Surface, SVP of Club Solutions Mastermind Groups, at bob@peakemedia.com.

Bob Surface

Bob Surface is the SVP of Club Solutions Mastermind Groups. You can contact him at bob@peakemedia.com.

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