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Mastermind Groups: Why Haven’t You Joined?


So you’ve been thinking about joining a mastermind group but for some reason you haven’t. Why is that? Let’s look at some of the reasons and then break down each one.

“I don’t have the time.”

With only a one-hour commitment two times per month and no travel required, mastermind groups are designed to fit into everyone’s schedule. Meetings are held online and bi-weekly. This makes the overall time commitment very small and the meetings very efficient.

“I don’t have the money.” 

Most groups cost between $250 to $300 per person. It’s hard to imagine being in business if you’re not willing to invest at least this much per month on learning and growing your business. 

Aditionally, the networking, idea sharing, best practices and accountability are worth at least 10 times this amount.

“I’m not sure who else will be in my group.” 

You’ll be matched with other non-competing, industry professionals from similar organizations and similar job responsibilities. This ensures you’ll be able to learn from every group member and they’ll learn from you as well.

“I’m not sure what I’ll get from the group.”

Networking, idea sharing, best practices and accountability are the main takeaways you’ll get from joining a mastermind group. You’ll also get the opportunity to have others in your organization join their own group.

In this way, your entire leadership team will be “on board,” and you’ll be in a better position to successfully implement your mission and goals.

“I don’t want one of my competitors in my group.” 

I understand and we’ve created safeguards to make sure you’re not in a group with a direct competitor. 

“I don’t want any long-term commitments.” 

Flexibility is very important in the current business climate. We recommend you commit to at least six months but if you need to cancel for any reason, you can do so at any time. Additionally, you can switch groups when and if there is an opening.

Did I address most if not all of your concerns? I hope I did, but the truth is the only way you’ll know is if you try it. Right now, there are open groups for you and the other leaders in your organization. I hope to see you in our next meeting.

For more information on joining a Mastermind group, go to clubsolutionsmgx.com or contact Bob Surface, the SVP of Club Solutions Mastermind Groups, at bob@peakemedia.com.

Bob Surface

Bob Surface is the SVP of Club Solutions Mastermind Groups. You can contact him at bob@peakemedia.com.

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