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TRX: A Trustworthy Vendor

trustworthy vendor

Mindy Romanosky, the director of development operations at VASA Fitness, shares why TRX is a trustworthy vendor everyone should work with.

Mindy Romanosky, the director of development operations at VASA Fitness, is always looking to provide their members with the best overall experience. A great way to do this is to work with the best vendors, and for VASA that is TRX.

“VASA is always looking to partner with reliable brands who will help us provide a premium fitness experience to our members,” said Romanosky. “TRX offers us high-quality equipment that lasts.”

Below, Romanosky shares how TRX has enhanced their fitness offerings and why they’re a trustworthy vendor.

Why did you decide to partner with TRX — what problem were you looking to solve; or what solution were you looking to incorporate?

TRX offers high-quality equipment that lasts. In the past, items like kettlebells were getting ruined because of high volume usage. We don’t have that problem anymore. TRX’s kettlebells, medicine balls, and slam balls endure high usage and don’t easily show wear and tear. If we ever have a problem with equipment, TRX is quick to find a solution and offers a great warranty program.   

How has TRX helped enhance your fitness offerings?

TRX helps elevate our member experience because the equipment is high quality and reliable. Nobody likes having broken, ugly equipment in a gym. VASA trusts TRX to provide great equipment for our personal training staff and members to utilize when they’re in the gym.


What do your members love most about TRX?

We’ve heard from members that they appreciate us offering a trusted brand for their use inside our clubs. VASA members know they can rely on TRX equipment to weather tough workouts and help them reach their fitness goals.

How would you describe TRX’s customer service and support?

The team at TRX is fun to work with. They make every interaction enjoyable, it’s not just a business transaction. They make ordering easy and ship orders on time. If there is a challenge, they are always quick to collaborate with VASA to fix it. They really care about VASA and our members.

Why should other club operators consider working with TRX?

TRX is a trustworthy vendor that helps their partners look for solutions to challenges. They are reliable, easy to work with and make quality, long-lasting equipment.

Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown is the assistant editor for Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at taylor@peakemedia.com

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