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How to Launch a Digital Fitness Offering

digital offering

Virtual fitness is trending with members. Here are some tips on how to best present your club’s digital offering.

It can be a daunting prospect going digital. However quickly you pivoted to online during lockdown, the need to now map out a longer-term strategy for the sustainable, commercial and brand-enhancing digitalisation of your business still feels like new territory.

Here are some top tips to help you set off in the right direction.

1. Ask yourself why.

Why do you want to go digital? What are the problems you’re trying to solve? What are the needs you’re trying to meet? What experiences are you trying to create?

Which touchpoints within the member experience will be available digitally and how will these complement the physical?

Asking yourself “why” will help you design an ecosystem that meets the needs of your members and your business alike. Map out your desired outcomes first, then design your service accordingly.

2. Choose your partner.

Choose your digital partner wisely. Make sure they will be there for support every step of the way and make sure the tech reliably does everything you need, from live streaming to on-demand to monetisation.  

Also ensure your brand will be front and centre. Your business model should inform the tech, not the other way round. Check the options to dovetail it into your ecosystem for an own label experience. 

3. Define your content strategy.

Draw up a clear digital strategy. It’s important to remember that your digital offering will be your extension of your brand. 

You’ll want to offer content that’s bespoke to you, featuring your own instructors. Ideally something people can’t get anywhere else. You’ll need to offer strength in depth too so there’s always new inspiration for every member — cue third-party content. 

4. Harness your talent.

Group exercise fans will have their favorite classes and instructors, and there’s no reason why that has to stop at the physical studio door. Leverage the existing connection between your instructors and members to create popular digital content.

Ask yourself what superstars work for you and only you. Then work out how to propel them to the forefront of your online offering. Your self-produced content will be a valued facet of your overall digital offering. 

5. Spread the word.

When it comes to promoting your digital offering, you need to be thinking about both members and non-members.

For your members, get your CRM right. Know who to talk to about each element of your offering, then tailor the content and communication vehicles accordingly.

For a broader audience that includes members and non-members, it’s time to get creative. Build promotions using your library of digital fitness content. 

6. Act on the facts.

Forget gut instinct. The joy of digital is that it hands you unequivocal data — not just what customers tell you they do, but what they are actually doing.

Use this data to continually review and refine your digital offering. How are people using it? 

With digital, you can see very clearly what’s working and then do more of it.

Jake Shand

Jake Shand is the head of business development USA for Wexer. He can be contacted at jake.shand@wexer.com or alternatively visit wexer.com.

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