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Increased Profits: Just Add Dry Salt Therapy

dry salt therapy

With growing membership numbers and health trends, increase your club’s profits by adding dry salt therapy to your options.

Attract Members Interested in Their Physical, Mental and Respiratory Health

After almost two years where people spent most of their days cooped up at home getting very little exercise, fitness resolutions have begun to take on a little more weight as we head into 2022.

The fitness industry can attest. Despite some areas where the coronavirus is causing gym capacity restrictions, gym memberships are on the rise, with some clubs even exceeding numbers from past years. Part of that can be tied to the predictable return of those who want to improve their physical health via building their body with weights or getting in shape with cardio or classes.

The other factor in the upswing in gym memberships is coming from people who are thinking about health more holistically.

Many clubs are finding that it’s not just about beach body goals anymore. COVID-19 has pushed people to think not only about their physical health, but their mental and respiratory health as well, which is why franchises such as NexGen and Athletic Republic have added dry salt therapy — also know as halotherapy — to their menu of services.

Add a $6,000/month Profit Center

Is your club looking to add a profitable, additional modality to attract new members interested in shorter recovery times, increased stamina, decreased stress, sharpened focus and improved athletic performance?

Take a deep breath and read on.

While salt rooms and salt booths have been a prominent service offered by resort and destination spas, medical spas, country clubs and yoga centers for over a decade — health and fitness clubs are now “getting salted.”

Empty and underutilized rooms are being converted into salt rooms while as little as three square feet is all it takes to simply install a plug-and-play salt booth; each of which can produce a $6,000-plus per month profit center that requires minimum labor and just pennies a day in salt costs.

How Athletes Are Benefitting From Salt Therapy

Dry salt therapy has predominantly been thought of as a natural, drug-free, touchless complementary treatment to help relieve symptoms from a variety of respiratory conditions such as allergies, asthma, COPD, bronchitis, etc. However, athletes are now turning to dry salt therapy to gain an edge over the competition and achieve their best sports performance.

For athletes, the importance of breathing is often overlooked.

Airflow obstruction and airway inflammation are two respiratory conditions that can cause poor breathing patterns that affect performance and ultimately lead to:

  • Increased dehydration.
  • Reduced stamina and performance.
  • Increased likelihood of cramps and injury.
  • Increased recovery time.
  • Elevated heart rate.

Once athletes can optimize their breathing, less breath is required. Which, in turn, means they have more air in reserve to achieve superior performance.

Experiencing dry salt therapy in a salt room or salt booth is a great way to take a break and unplug in a relaxing and safe environment to enhance mental wellness. The additional benefits of breathing in the micronized dry salt particles, which are anti-inflammatory, enhance our respiratory system by opening our airway passages to allow more oxygen intake. Research shows that oxygen intake helps people relax and boosts energy levels.

Salt therapy is a natural way to create distinct wellness experiences in a relaxing and nurturing environment.

Instituting dry salt therapy at your club for sports training can lead to better lung function and improve the overall performance, endurance and recovery for your members, while offering a timely, future-proof profit center for your business.

Leo Tonkin

Leo Tonkin is the founder and CEO of SALT Chamber, and the founding director of the Salt Therapy Association. He can be reached at leo@saltchamberinc.com.

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