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2 Tips for Creating the Perfect Holiday Social Calendar

Holiday Social Calendar

Use these two tips for creating the perfect holiday social calendar to increase leads at your health club.

We all know how important social media is to marketing your fitness business. In fact, since the pandemic, many fitness influencers, as well as clubs/studios, have spent more on organic content to increase leads more than ever.

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One of the many reasons is because customers want to be part of a community. Organic content helps build that relationship with a potential member because it is more personal to them. Creating content that has your actual head trainer or general manager as opposed to stock footage really goes a long way. There is no better time to engage your community and increase lead flow than during the holidays. 

Tips for Creating the Perfect Holiday Social Calendar

Instagram: The 12 Days of Fitness

Nothing works better than a play on a holiday theme song like the Twelve Days of Christmas. Have some fun and create 12 holiday-themed exercises. Post each exercise, each day for twelve days using members of your own staff.

Remember, the objective is to build a community but to also gain potential members so incorporate a compelling call to action. As an example, the first five people who video themselves doing the exercise for that day and tags you in the post gets 50% off their first month. Engagement is the key here. It is also a great idea to have a Linktree on your studio or club Instagram site. This will allow you to house a variety of promotion or holiday offers all within one link.

YouTube: Holiday Challenge Videos

First, if you do not have a YouTube channel you should really consider it in 2022. It is the second largest search engine and more and more fitness entrepreneurs are creating content on YouTube. The main reason is because it gives you a platform for longer formatted content. Five to 10 minutes is the sweet spot when it comes to creating fitness content on YouTube.

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For those of you that have a YouTube channel, run a holiday challenge. This is the time of year when you want to challenge people to start thinking about their fitness. A great challenge that is easy for someone to watch and do themselves is a full body weight series of exercises. For example, how many squats, pushups and sit-ups you can do in a given minute. This becomes your baseline. You can then create some simple strength videos to get a person stronger in each of those areas (legs, chest, core). Have some fun and theme the video workouts and dress up in some holiday gear as you create various exercises.

Two to three weeks later, challenge the viewers to retake their initial fitness test to see if there was improvement. The call to action when it comes to YouTube is to make sure you let viewers know that your club/studio not only exists but that they can check you out for a free holiday trial.

Always remember the key to creating great content is it should be consistent, involve education for the audience and incorporate how your club/studio can be a solution to a problem in fitness. Leverage this time of the season to be creative and to ramp up your content. It also helps to identify a staff member who is well versed and enjoys posting content. They can be a great source of influence to building that community of members. 

Kory Angelin

Kory Angelin is the chief operating officer for Volofit and is responsible for Volofit and Tough Mudder Bootcamp franchise performance. Angelin is an award-winning fitness expert and two-time published author who is amongst the leaders in fitness influencing in the country. He has helped many large fitness enterprises all over the globe build reliable brands and craft unique customer experiences. To learn more, go to volo-fit.com and follow on @volofit and @koryfit.

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