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Marketing Fitness Videos During the Holidays

marketing fitness videos

Tips to be mindful of when marketing fitness videos around the holidays.

Tis the season to promote your fitness video. At least that should be your mindset as we head into the New Year. If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s is promoting fitness in December has always been crucial for new member acquisition, as well as, referrals from existing members.

I would argue, now more than ever given this past year, that New Year’s resolutions will really revolve around health and wellness. With that said, there is no better time to promote your fitness video. Here are some helpful tips to be mindful of when marketing fitness videos around the holidays.

The Why

One element when promoting yourself, a company or a brand is to give a reason “why” you are promoting something. December offers that very reason which is essentially to “give the gift of fitness.” In other words, when you are promoting your video you should be referencing the fact that the New Year is upon us and what better way to start 2021 than with the gift of fitness. 

Tailor Your Message to the Audience

One big mistake I always see is crafting a fitness video and then marketing that video to “everyone.” You have to actually define and tailor your message. For example, filming a fitness video where you are promoting a particular promotion would be geared for a potential new member. However, you should think about creating another fitness video that is geared around referrals. That message should be tailored for your existing members since they are the hottest leads you have when it comes to getting a referral.

Organic Rules the Day

Stop trying to film something that looks like Steven Spielberg produced it. What we know about social media is the more organic, the more personal the video is. The more personal it is, the more relatable it will be to the consumer. Hand held selfie videos are great so don’t overthink the production value of the video itself.

Stop Being a Grinch

You are, after all, promoting a video during the holidays so have some fun when you create it. Throw on a Santa hat and a muscle shirt and have at it. Use the holidays to your advantage so the look is unique compared to the rest of the year. 

Call to Action

This is the easiest because every video in December should have a call to action to act now before the end of the year. This is why December rules the year for most people to think about or sign up for anything fitness related. Create that sense of urgency and you will be surprised by how many people take action NOW.

Kory Angelin

Kory Angelin is the chief operating officer for Volofit. He is an award-winning trainer, two-time published author and has helped to elevate some of the biggest fitness companies in the world. He was featured in “Top 20 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020” by The Chicago Journal and “Top 20 Influential People of 2020” by New York Wire. To find out more, go to volo-fit.com and follow him @koryfit.

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