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Red Light Therapy: Lighting Up the Fitness World

red light therapy

Kyla Hosoda, the director of marketing at Body Balance System, shares the benefits of red light therapy.

Red light therapy has taken off in the fitness world. The introduction of recovery rooms in fitness centers across the U.S. that feature red light therapy treatments is having a significant impact on individuals’ workout and recovery sessions. Any customer looking to build strength, lose weight, or take part in high-intensity training will benefit from using the light therapy before or after their workouts.

The convenience of having these services in fitness centers means individuals can enhance their workout and accelerate recovery at the same time. Not to mention the wide range of benefits it provides for both owners and operators. Investing in red light therapy is a great way for gyms to attract and retain clients with the addition of premium member services.

Achieving Performance and Profit Gains with Red Light Therapy

The therapeutic effects of red light therapy enhance performance and promote healing, enabling gym goers to train longer and harder. It enables your clients to achieve better and faster results with more productive workout sessions and peak performance — no matter what their goals are. For owners and operators this is going to keep their customers coming back.

Here are a few reasons why health club owners and operators should offer red light therapy services:

  • Improves workout and recovery routine.

As a pre-workout treatment, light therapy warms up the muscles and boosts circulation, which optimizes cellular function. This improves performance by increasing energy, fatigue resistance, muscle tissue growth and limiting muscle strain while reducing oxidative stress. As a result, individuals can train longer and reach their fitness goals quicker.

Post-workout treatments prevent injuries and reduce recovery time by decreasing inflammation and pain. Additionally, it stimulates antioxidant activity in the body that helps to reduce incidents of delayed onset muscle soreness and effectively accelerates the healing and recovery process. That means members can exercise at the gym more often without worrying about serious muscle injuries.

  • Promotes fat loss.

Red light therapy treatments can help anyone look and feel healthier. With more strength and energy, individuals can endure more intense exercise and achieve their weight loss goals faster. It also helps burn fat by increasing metabolism and stimulating the release of lipids from fat cells. Studies have shown that red light activates fat loss after only four minutes of exposure at a level of 635nm. When adding this to your personal training packages or stand-alone options for your clients’ results are going to happen faster than with just training alone. This will keep them coming back.

  • Generates revenue.

Since red light therapy provides the best results with a series of treatments, it’s an additional stream of revenue. That means repeat visits and more opportunities for package bundles in addition to premium membership offers. These systems don’t require additional overhead because they can operate as a self-serve station while providing an immediate ROI. This will increase membership renewals and bring in new clients who want to join your gym. For health club owners and operators, adding the right system in your facility to provide your clients with the experience they will enjoy and see results from.

Kyla Hosoda

Kyla Hosoda is the director of marketing at Body Balance System. She can be reached at khosoda@bodybalancesystem.com or visit bodybalancesystem.com.

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