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Salt Therapy: Attract New Members, Generate New Revenue

salt therapy

Leo Tonkin, the founder and CEO of SALT Chamber, shares the benefits of offering salt therapy at your facility.

Fitness clubs are looking to increase their customer base by attracting a clientele that cares about their respiratory and mental well-being and is looking for a relaxing post-workout recovery session.

Salt therapy is gaining in popularity thanks to its numerous health benefits. If you own a fitness club, adding a salt room or salt booth to your amenities can transform an underutilized space into a lucrative new revenue stream.

Don’t miss out on this revolution – because it’s in-demand, profitable and here to stay.

Marketing Salt Therapy to Your Customers

Salt therapy is a natural, drug-free treatment designed to combat respiratory and skin conditions that allows you to create your own distinct wellness experiences in a relaxing and nurturing environment. Introducing dry salt therapy into sports training can lead to better lung function and improve overall performance, endurance, and recovery.

Detoxing the lungs and respiratory tract following a workout ensures your clients can perform at their best. Salt therapy can be especially beneficial for customers that want a luxury post-workout regime. Take a look at some of the ways you can market halotherapy as beneficial to your clients.

1. Improved Athletic Performance

All athletes working out to improve their lifestyle depend on breath control for optimal performance. Whether or not they have a respiratory condition, salt therapy can improve an athlete’s respiratory and cardiovascular function.

Halotherapy dissipates mucus from the airways to remove airflow obstruction and maintain clear airways. As a result, oxygen levels and respiratory volume increase, leading to improvements in athletic performance.

Clear airways mean increased oxygen capacity, higher energy levels, and more stamina. Your clients will be able to set and accomplish higher workout goals as a result.

2. Faster Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

Working out causes microscopic tears (microtears) in the muscles, which produces inflammation and corresponding pain up to three days later. These microtears are vital for helping athletes build lean muscle mass.

Muscles must be broken down in order to build back up stronger. Following a strenuous workout, microtears occur, signaling the body to increase blood circulation and oxygen to the area to stimulate healing. Salt therapy opens the airways to improve breathing and allows oxygen to travel faster to the inflamed muscles, speeding up the recovery process.

A salt therapy session following a workout can reduce inflammation and post-workout recovery time. Your clients will perform better, leaving them more satisfied with their fitness achievements.

3. Reduce Swelling and Inflammation

Swelling and inflammation at the joints are common results of working out due to the repetitiveness of performing similar movements over and over. It can also be the result of the normal aging process.

Salt acts as an anti-inflammatory, reducing fluid buildup and swelling in the joints. Decreasing the number of days without pain means more productive (and less challenging) workouts for your customers.

Reduced swelling combined with improved respiratory and cardiovascular function can dramatically enhance overall body performance. Just one session each week can provide your clients with the healing environment needed to reach their full athletic potential.

Why Gyms are Getting Salted

Salt therapy offers your customers a way to improve their lung capacity, detox their airways, and boost their athletic performance naturally. Adding a salt room or salt booth to your business is easy, and the rewards are positive for both your facility and your customers

Leo Tonkin

Leo Tonkin is the founder and CEO of SALT Chamber, and the founding director of the Salt Therapy Association. He can be reached at leo@saltchamberinc.com.

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