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Build a Sales Relationship for Retention

Sales Relationship

Christine Schmidt, the director of marketing and community at LoopSpark, shares three ways to build a sales relationship with clients.

Building a sales relationship with clients might sound a little “crazy,” and we get it. Sales itself has stereotypically been seen as an “uncomfortable” thing in just about every business across every industry. Why is that? Well, it is usually because the word “sales” is thought to be synonymous with this idea of “selling anything to make a buck.”

We all know that every business needs to have sales processes in place to constantly bring in revenue but how you build that relationship is totally within your control.

So, let’s jump into our top three ways to build a sales relationship with your clients.

1. Get to Know Your Audience

Take the time to understand what your clients have purchased in the past, how frequently they have come to your business, and what classes/services they have specifically engaged in with your business are the fundamentals to getting started.

Getting to know your audience is important for you but it’s equally important to them so they feel welcome, cared for, and special within your business.

That being said, one pro tip we have here is to be slow and steady in this journey. Asking too many questions up front could be a little anxiety producing. Sticking to the basics about what they enjoy and what their goals tend to be the best ways to start off.

HINT: When sales are done in the act of service to the client, you generate a personalized and enjoyable client experience.

2. Don’t Shy Away From the Fine Print

When you walk into a business or are interested in buying something, the first question most of us ask is, “How much does this cost?” The fitness industry isn’t any different and neither are your clients. Being transparent with pricing and services is not only ethically sound in business but it is what builds trust from Day 1.

Having a clear pricing display allows you to empower clients while helping you place them into the next appropriate steps for the sales process.

HINT: When you understand that a client may find your unlimited monthly membership to be out of their financial comfort zone, you can immediately help them identify the benefits of a similar but lower cost membership or package — now that’s selling with service.

3. Be Their Personal Guide

Once you have made a successful sale, don’t leave your new client hanging. You’ve helped guide them this far, so let’s make sure they are really set up for success by having you get to know them a little bit better by implementing a new client orientation. In this time, you’ll have the chance to continually personalize the sales process and transform it into a sales relationship.

HINT: This might mean you learn they are interested in a certain type of class and not only could you tell them about those opportunities in person, you may want to add them to an interest list within your marketing platform.

Christine Schmidt

Christine Schmidt, the director of marketing and community at LoopSpark. She can be reached at Christine@LoopSpark.com or reach out to the team via LoopSpark.com.

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