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Every gym wants to become known as the transformation center in its community — the place people go to get results, and maintain them.

But according to Carolyn Fetters, the CEO and founder of Balanced Habits, the only way a gym can earn this accolade is if it offers a nutrition solution along with an exercise component. Only then will it become known as a true transformation center for the community at large.

“People come to your gym and say, ‘I need help,’” explained Fetters, in a recent webinar on nutrition. “By offering them the 100 percent solution — by giving them fitness plus nutrition — you’re really giving your members what they want, and ultimately, what they need.”

However, Fetters discussed the many challenges clubs face when striving to incorporate a nutrition solution into their facility, including:

  1. Being unsure of what to implement.
  2. Previously trying solutions that have failed.
  3. Or being unsure of how to get started in the first place.

Despite these challenges, it’s important to strive to find a solution. After all, your members are asking for it. Just take a look at the $66 billion diet industry, which is currently raking in dollars from customers who could be spending that money within your facility.

“People are seeking help in the diet industry because there really is no other place to go,” said Fetters. “Something is wrong with that, and I really want you to consider how you could take that share of that $66 billion and bring that revenue into the fitness industry. We’re already set up for them and already have a home for those people who are looking for that type of support.”

In fact, nutrition is a win-win for both members and your gym — providing the results customers are seeking; and adding profit to your bottom line.

“Consider what it would take to increase your profit per square foot with a department of nutrition,” said Fetters. “This is a way you can grow your business without knocking down walls. You’re maxing out what you already have within your four walls, and adding an additional profit center.”

Now that you understand the value of boasting a department of nutrition, you may be asking, what’s next? In summary, Fetters suggested club operators:

  • Clarify what you’re looking for.
  • Consider, what would it mean to better serve your community?
  • And answer the question, what would your staff stand behind and support?

“Learn about all the options you have concerning nutrition,” added Fetters. “The customers are there, they just need to know you’re there and ready for them.”

To watch the full webinar, click here.

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