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New Year’s Marketing Campaign


CoopWeb/BigA lot of clubs are trying new marketing schemes and promotions this time of year. For any club, providing a free membership is ridiculous. However, for one club in Greenville, S.C., new members have the ability to exercise without monthly dues; it’s all based on their participation.

Coop’s Health and Fitness has started an advertising campaign that is completely based on the member. A prospective member only pays a $99 introductory fee and they are guaranteed to bypass monthly dues provided they work out at least two days a week.

If a member messes up one month, they pay the monthly $39.99 fee – next month they are able to restart their program. Owners at Coop’s Health and Fitness are very much aware of the competition surrounding fitness clubs this time of year. They are using this opportunity to pick up more clients and help motivate new members from the very beginning.

By giving prospective members free months based on how much time they spend in your club, they are more likely to show up. Also, by having additional funds, they will have more money to spend on your personal training programs and additional classes. In the long run, with the right marketing campaign surrounding amenities in your club, you shouldn’t miss the monthly membership fee, but boost your bottom line going into the New Year.


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  1. Robert J. Minelli December 30, 2009

    “If a member messes up one month, they pay the monthly $39.99 fee…?!?”

    I’m sorry…but that is ridiculous. Waiting for someone to “mess up” is not a positive approach. All this is about is the almighty dollar. These types of approaches are as it was eloquently put…”marketing schemes”. You don’t need “marketing schemes”, you need to develop a closer relationship with your club members. Instead of treating them like cattle with the whole “move ’em in, sign ’em up, sell ’em more, see ya later” approach…there needs to be an larger focus on a one-on-one, sincere communication.

    Do that and your club will not only see more members joining, it will keep them involved like never before.


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