New Club-Branded Digital Fitness Solution Powered by NetpulseOne™

netpulse_LcolumnConnected fitness equipment, third-party apps and tracking devices are transforming the fitness world, and Netpulse has made them all work together on one digital fitness platform — NetpulseOne™. The NetpulseOne platform provides the ability to connect to fitness equipment, mobile apps and personal fitness devices, as well as allowing members to set goals, participate in challenges and socialize with their fitness community on a club-branded website and mobile app.

“Connected fitness equipment, devices and apps are changing the way consumers exercise and socialize around fitness,” said Bryan Arp, the co-founder and CEO of Netpulse. “We have created a platform that provides a new way for clubs to engage their members under their brand.”

Netpulse has partnerships with the leading commercial fitness equipment manufacturers, including Life Fitness®, Matrix®, True®, Cybex®, Woodway®, Octane®, Star Trac® and Technogym®, which account for over 75 percent of global fitness equipment sales to health clubs. Netpulse’s xID™ identity system is integrated into Netpulse-compatible equipment from these manufacturers, allowing members to easily sync and track fitness activity on one platform. Additionally, the NetpulseOne platform is linked with leading third-party apps and devices like FitBit®, MapMyFitness®, BodyMedia® and MyFitnessPal®, so clubs and trainers have visibility to a member’s fitness and nutrition activity, in and out of the club.

  • Mobile xCapture: Have older equipment? Members can use the club-branded mobile app to take a photo and track cardio workouts on non-connected equipment.
  • Club Challenges: Members can sign-up for a national or club-sponsored challenge to compete against their fellow members. When members complete a workout, the leader board is updated in real-time.
  • Goal Setting Made Simple: Members can easily set goals based on number of workouts, calories burned, distance or time through the club mobile app and website. Workouts will automatically track on all Netpulse-connected cardio equipment, via mobile xCapture and linked third-party apps and tracking devices
  • Club-Specific Social Activity Feed: Members can compete, team up and celebrate achievements, making your club the social center of their fitness experience.


Netpulse is the leading media and data services company in the fitness industry and continues to help facilities entertain, retain and motivate their members. To learn more about how this new digital fitness solution can work for you, please contact or 877.NETPULSE.

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