The Early Bird Gets Fit

Dan Rainer, member of 24/7 Anytime Fitness.

Dan Rainer.

As a 41-year-old with a wife, two kids, two dogs and full-time job, Dan Rainer had limited time to get fit. His time constraints took their toll on both his physical and mental fitness. In 2011, Rainer found himself not only overweight, but also struggling with sleep apnea and high blood pressure.

The Change

Due to his jam-packed day, Rainer looked for a gym that would allow him to work out around his schedule. For him, the Anytime Fitness in Bristow, Va. was the best fit. “I used to go to the gym after work, around 6:30 p.m., but didn’t get to spend quality family time in the evening with my wife and kids,” explained Rainer. “Since [Anytime Fitness] is always open, I changed my schedule, so now I go to the gym at 4:30 a.m., get my workout in, shower there, and then head to the office.”

According to Mo Bazzari, the club owner, being a 24/7 gym was a major selling point for many members, especially when the club first opened. “At the time (2007) it was a huge factor, since there were no 24-hour gyms anywhere in the area,” he said. Although 24/7 clubs are more common today, the extended hours are still attractive to many prospects and members, such as Rainer. In fact, between 20 and 25 percent of Bazzari’s members work out at odd hours.

The Workouts

Multiple times a week, hours before most people are out of their beds, Rainer visited the club and took advantage of its free weights, selectorized machines and cardio equipment. “Being able to work out really early in the morning gives me the opportunity to get in a good work out on my time … and go straight home after work to spend my evenings with my family,” he said.

However, not all of Anytime Fitness’ members are as easily self-motivated. According to Bazzari, the gym hosts fitness challenges for those who need a bit more extra motivation. “These challenges keep our members involved and many of our late evening and early morning regulars enjoy participating in them,” said Bazzari.

The Results

For Rainer, the early risings and self-motivation paid off. To date, he has lost 65 pounds, his high blood pressure is under control and his sleep apnea is non-existent. “Since my journey began, I have completed four Warrior Dashes with my wife, and eight 5k races — including one on the beach while on vacation,” he said excitedly.

Bazzari actively encourages all members to have the same glowing experience as Rainer’s, and even gives his cell phone number out in case something goes wrong when he’s absent. “I try to answer my phone at night as much as possible and I live exactly 1.1 miles away, so I can be there within minutes,” he said. “While we don’t have the biggest or fanciest gym in the area, we certainly have the nicest and most personal, and probably the cleanest.”

Why Dan Rainer Will Stay a Member: 

1.  24/7 access
to the gym and to
all the Anytime Fitness locations.

2. The friendliness and availability
of the staff. 

3. The existing equipment and the new equipment the club continues to get.

4. The cleanliness
of the facility.

5. The overall
great atmosphere.


By Rachel Zabonick

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