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Additional Insights on Club Management Software


Jonas_FitnessJonas Fitness

Jonas Fitness’ club management software (CMS) stands above the rest for a variety of reasons. First, Jonas features fully-integrated EFT and real-time POS credit card processing with seamless integration to its Compete club management software solution. The Jonas financial network is the only end-to-end PCI-certified offering in the fitness marketplace providing secure transmissions of clubs’ transactions directly to the Federal Reserve and credit card processing bank.

Jonas has the most comprehensive end-to-end solution for the fitness industry, which starts with its paperless functions throughout the system and ends with its mobile device integrations. The system boasts robust electronic agreements, e-statements, document archiving, electronic waivers, electronic change requests, along with online web applications to join online, member self services and employee self services that are all fully integrated to position clients to continually improve operating efficiencies.

Lastly, Jonas Fitness’ reporting, dashboards and accessibility to data in its Compete solution is a differentiating factor, giving operators key information in many different forms to help them improve their businesses and grow their brands. Our product architecture is scalable to accommodate any future growth and expansion. Once with Jonas, you will never have to make this buying decision again.

Via Jonas Fitness’ in-house product development team and experience as a true software company, we are committed to ongoing product growth and enhancements. We continue to fast track product development to ensure our top product position in the industry.

If you take a minute to research Jonas Software and see its financial position as a leading provider of enterprise management software solutions, you will see that over 25,000 customers can guarantee our position as a strong and reliable partner. This allows us to support your new or current operation and any growth plans into the future.

Our financial position and our ability to leverage the experience and expertise of our Jonas Software sister companies also helps us be unique in the market. We can improve collections and cash flow, increase operating efficiencies and leverage technology to advance businesses and improve bottom line results.

CMS products in general will have to be enhanced to meet consumer expectations. At the top of that list are more “member facing” developments coming to the CMS world. At the root of it include improvements and innovations to enhance the member experience as a whole on all mobile devices, web applications and all forms of social media.

Reporting will continue to jump up a notch in order to mine data and provide accessibility to that information that will help club operators better understand their members and prospects. We are talking about the kind of data that gives clubs the ability to analyze trends and consumer behaviors, which will continue to be critical as clubs grow their businesses and brands by leveraging technology.

Jan Harms is an executive sales consultant for Jonas Fitness and a club owner. For more information, e-mail jan.harms@jonasfitness.com or call 801.501.9673.



Historically, most club management software (CMS) providers do one thing very well. A provider may knock membership management out of the park, but struggle with client scheduling and tracking program attendance. What makes EZFacility unique is that as a provider we transform the way clubs attract, manage and engage their clients. When looking at most clubs, we recognize success in how they manage the core aspects of their business. For example, a personal training studio may excel at creating training programs, but they may not efficiently manage their billing and payroll. EZFacility can fill these voids by delighting clubs with feature-rich software and fanatical customer service. Ultimately, EZFacility can serve as a turn-key solution in managing all of a club’s daily operations in one central location.

Club owners can use CMS as a business check-up of sorts. With detailed client and financial reports, a CMS can highlight the strongest and most profitable areas of a facility’s offerings. Those very same reports can also shed light on areas of the club that may need a little extra “TLC” to see its profitability soar.

From automating membership contracts to scheduling clients online, a quality CMS will serve as an extra staff member for a club. Having that additional hand on deck will aid in pushing revenue goals past the finish line.

Around 2008, the main consensus within the CMS industry was that clients were looking for software to streamline their everyday operations. It was all about getting people away from their paper-based processes and putting them on the web. As time has passed, and technology has advanced, there has been a noticeable shift from that school of thought.

Instead of only focusing on front desk and back office operations, a competitive CMS will include ways for clubs to engage their client base using the internet. EZFacility’s product roadmap aims to adapt to these changing times and expand upon its already intuitive user experience. Complementing our advanced online registrations, clients will be able to register themselves or their families online for programs at discounted rates and receive targeted suggestions based upon activity and registration history. EZFacility is committed to transforming the online experience to a more client-centric model.

Bryant Strozinsky is a marketing specialist for EZFacility. For more information, e-mail bstrozinsky@ezfacility.com or call 516.336.6500.

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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