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What credentials, education, experience, characteristics or qualities do you consider when recruiting for a position? If you’re like many owners and managers, you’re most likely looking for a college education and experience in the position.

Is this complacency, or are you being strategic? How many new hires have panned out based solely on their education credentials and experience? Many, I would presume.

But consider this: In a lot of cases, the path of most perceived resistance can lead to greater employee retention, engagement and company profitability.

The path of most perceived resistance usually comes from taking chances on people that may not have the schooling background or years of experience you require. But, they do hold key personality characteristics and qualities that best represent your company’s brand and image. Employees that make direct eye contact, smile, have good posture, and exhibit confidence and inquisitiveness, tend to be more productive.

Yes, you will have to spend additional time and resources training an individual that doesn’t have a lot of experience, but I challenge you to think of how you “came up in the business.” Wouldn’t you say you learned more from mentors and on-the-job experience than you did at school?

Let’s not be fooled — schooling and experience can be enormously beneficial. Understanding accounting, project management, marketing and sales strategies are a great foundation. But if you want someone to excel at a position, you must spend time, energy and resources on developing their education into your brand.

The moral of the story here is to think twice before hiring the more qualified person on paper. Instead, be sure to consider their personality traits. You may be able to develop them into a productive, happy and excellent employee.

Bill Burke is the co-creator of the patent-pending, trademarked PHIIT System and co-owner of R2 Total Fitness. For more information he can be reached at bburke@r2managementgroup.com.


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