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strategic planning

It’s that time of year again — we’re racing into the last quarter of 2016 and there is still so much left to accomplish. Sales goals, renovation completions, expansions plans, etc. With everything that we do to improve our companies and keep ahead of the other guys, we always must take a step out of working in the business and begin working on the business. Here at Gainesville Health and Fitness, we spend at least two full days with all of the sharpest minds in our company to put together the strategic objectives that we must accomplish for the following year.

What is a strategic objective and why are they so important?

First, let me start with the why.

Strategic objectives are essential to growing a business. Throughout every single operational department, having a specific strategy to tackle the ever-changing market is a must. From sales and marketing all the way to the front line departments such as front desk and housekeeping, each department needs a game plan. Without them, you are sure to fail. And if you don’t fail, you surely won’t grow.

From finding new systems to solve a problem to completely changing a way or model of your business, strategic objectives are the way successful business continues to stay ahead of the curve and remain to be at the top in their market.

By developing a “strategic planning” meeting with your managers, it is a great way to give them ownership of their specific area and allows them to use their creativity to its max. They will harness complete control over everything that happens in their department for that upcoming year and further allows them to hold themselves accountable to the outcomes of the business.

The two days that you spend working on the business with your upper management leads to countless hours saved working in the business “putting out fires” and fixing problems after they already happen.


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