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Digital Messaging: Make It All About Your Member

digital messaging

The digital trends of 2016 highlight the need for a customer-centric marketing approach. A personalized customer experience has the power to set your brand apart. Here’s how to “make it all about your member.”

Creating Convenience

Time is a precious commodity in this multitasking society, an on-the-go consumer will always choose convenience. It’s critical that all your digital messaging be mobile and cross-device optimized for easy navigation and sharing. Your website, emails and display ads must have simple, enticing messaging and brief, actionable direction; “Click Here” or “Join Now.” Most importantly, make your marketing available on the channels your member uses. Know what channels they navigate and meet them there.

Enhancing the Experience

Consumers today value memorable experiences over possessions. To make your member identify with your brand utilize technology to create an interactive experience.

Facebook Live now allows users to post live videos from smartphones and invite other users to their video. Dynamic how-to videos from your trainers and fun interviews with members are just a few new ways to engage a Facebook audience.

Leverage virtual reality trends such as Pokémon Go. Technology interacts with real world surroundings when your members can catch their favorite Pokémon at your gym. Infuse your brand into the virtual reality as trainers “workout” with the resident avatars.

Add motivating video content to your emails and website. Input a YouTube video in the body of your email and really engage your future member. When they can visually and audibly connect with your brand they will be more likely to join.

Emotional Connections

Go beyond customer satisfaction and connect on a deeper level by tapping into your member’s emotional needs. Highlight the human component in your brand and be more than a fitness facility — illustrate that you are a community. Highlight the character of your staff and members via social media. Offer web videos and tutorials that portray your club as a trusted wellness source. Be active in online communities on a local level as a good neighbor.

Digital Language

Consumers today speak digital, do you? Emojis are now a universal language used to convey emotion with symbols. Incorporate these into marketing efforts to be more expressive in messaging. Get noticed with hashtags by adding them in front of a word or term to link your content to that word on the web. For example, #Fitness would connect your brand with fitness. #MondayMotivation or #TransformationTuesday will make your gym relatable to fitness enthusiasts across the web. Hashtagging your local area will bring your message back home. Using digital language can especially reach out to the tech-savvy Millennials and drive response from a large population.

In 2017 build member relationship with immersive experiences and impressionable moments. Reflect on your objectives and brand purpose and leverage technology to convey this. Over time, these approaches will encourage a deeper loyalty.


Brittany Irha is an account executive for Epsilon. For more information visit epsilonlocal.com.

Brittany Irha

Brittany Irha is the marketing coordinator at Epsilon.

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