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Balanced Habits is Changing the Hierarchy of Four Industries

Balanced Habits

If you haven’t heard of Balanced Habits yet, it’s time that you learn about the hierarchy of four industries, and how this affects you.

This fast-growing company is turning heads and trimming waistlines with its no-nonsense approach to nutrition. Created by Carolyn Fetters, Balanced Habits is not a product-driven company; it is education-based, with its goal to eradicate the diet industry.

With the Healthcare Industry reporting annual revenues of $3 trillion, or roughly $9,523 per American, and 784,626 companies, this industry sits at the top of the hierarchy.

Next on the list is the Diet Industry (or “Lifestyle Industry”), reporting $60 billion in annual revenues, then the Supplement/Nutrition Industry with annual revenues of $37 billion. Finally, we have the Fitness Industry (“Health & Wellness Industry”), reporting just $30 billion annually, and only about 36,000 U.S. locations.

Consumers are flocking to their doctor to cure their aches and pains, and their doctors are steering them to a prescription for medication rather than a prescription for a quality health and wellness approach. “The numbers are indicting the system is flawed and needs to be looked at with a new approach,” says Fetters.

It is being reported that healthcare companies are looking to allocate funds per customer for a health and wellness approach. If the reports are solid, the healthcare industry is looking to partner with fitness clubs where they can send their patients. The catch? Fitness clubs must offer a proven approach to nutrition in addition to their fitness services.  Not a strictly supplement approach though, a food and education based program. This could be a game changer for the Fitness Industry.

“Balanced Habits has worked with nearly 90,000 people across the US and Canada.  The relatively new company (4 yrs.) has partnered with 90 fitness centers — and growing — helping them generate more than $10 million dollars in revenues,” said Fetters.

Balanced Habits developed a turn-key approach, keeping it simple and effective for fitness clubs to implement. Balanced Habits has created all the tools, resources and know-how to turn nutrition into a thriving profit center from day one.

It certifies the staff, coined “food coaches.”

“Their approach offers a short-term, scalable option as well as a longer one-on-one approach — which is what most folks are looking for these days,” said Jonathan Alzuas, owner of Arena Fitness Center in Encino and Northridge, California.

As a business model, Balanced Habits has all its bases covered to help fitness clubs generate tremendous revenue while at the same time providing a transformation solution that eludes so many fitness centers.

Contact Carolyn at 657.231.6779 or carolyn@balancedhabits.com.



This press release was contributed by Balanced Habits. 

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