TRIBE Team Training Increases Member Engagement and Results

TRIBE Team Training

It’s the goal of any club to engage members and offer them results. Doing so leads to better retention, happier members and a stronger bottom line.

At Hamptons Gym Corp, offering TRIBE Team Training™ allowed it to reach the goals of member engagement and results, in addition to other benefits. Here, Rebeca Olender, the head coach and personal trainer at Hamptons Gym Corp, discusses her experience with the small group program.

CS: From an operator’s perspective, why did you want to offer TRIBE Team Training within your facility?

RO: We always had a big gap between group fitness and personal training. Members liked group fitness, but they were not committed or consistent enough to get the results that they were looking for. Personal training is expensive and a luxury, and something that most people can’t afford for a lifetime. We were looking for a program that was intelligent, safe and progressive, but that was also affordable for members and created a fun environment.

CS: What are the benefits to your business?

RO: The retention of members is the best benefit for the gym. Small group training was never very busy until TRIBE Team Training came along. Since TRIBE Team Training is a six-week program, members create a habit and once they take a couple of seasons they don’t want to leave. And season after season, year and after, more members join the TRIBE Team Training group, meaning it’s bigger than ever before.

CS: What are the benefits to your members?

RO: TRIBE Team Training is the best small group training program out there. Members see results season after season and since no workout ever repeats itself, our body is always in shock and members continue to see results.

But above all — they become family members, they workout together, they stay together and they become closer as they grow together. In TRIBE Team Training one of our goals is to create an exercise habit for a lifetime.

CS: Is TRIBE Team Training easy to work with from a customer service perspective?

RO: Absolutely, I must say that I have never had a bad interaction with the company. Every question I ever had or concerns — they are always available to help. They will provide you with all the tools to succeed as a club and as a customer. TRIBE Team Training was the best decision that we ever made. It is amazing how the group atmosphere for us increased so much since we started with this program.

CS: Is there anything else you can share with other club owners about the benefits of working with TRIBE Team Training?

RO: I became a better coach and a better one-on-one trainer since I became a TRIBE Team Training coach. And I have never been this fit, mobile and strong as I am now.


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