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Make Social Media Work For You

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Social media is a beast all its own. And while you can never completely tame this beast, you can manage it and make it work for you and your club. Here are some suggestions to help you gain more engagement and build lasting relationships with your fans.

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

Many clubs fail to use social media to its full advantage because it can seem so daunting. Don’t be overwhelmed. Start small. If you can’t commit to being present on all four of the largest social media sites, choose the one where most of your audience is and perfect your presence there. Once you are comfortable with this platform, add another channel to your strategy. It is better to rock one social platform than to be mediocre at multiple.

Be Consistent

This is the simplest tip, but it’s also the most ignored. If you are going to show up, show up consistently. If your marketing team can commit to posting once a day on Facebook, find out the best times to post and put something out there. When your customers start to expect your content, you need to deliver.

Let Your Personality Shine

Take a look at the first five club chains that you can think of on Instagram. Do they sound different from one another? Probably not. You need to discover what you have to offer in terms of your personality and make it shine. Do you cater to bodybuilders, runners, the Average Joe? Figure this out and speak specifically to this audience.

Stay Relevant

Social media is ever changing, and you need keep up with the trends. Recently, the “Stories” feature has sprung up on almost every social site. Use this to your advantage! You don’t need a huge production: Just snap a picture of your home office team, give a sneak peak of a new product, and utilize these services while no one else is.

Be Social

Social media is meant to be social. So many brands just post and never look back. If a follower says, “[Company Name] has helped me lose 20 pounds!” comment, and let them know that you are cheering them on! You also need to respond to negative comments. If someone says, “The music is terrible,” let them know you are listening and want to find a solution: “Next time our music makes you want to run out of the gym, let the front desk know and we’ll switch it up for ya!” See how we turned that negative into a positive?

With these tips, you will be able to take your social media marketing to the next level and keep your customers coming back for more.


Jana Dennison is the founder of Zettist. You can reach her at jana@zettist.com.


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