Balanced Habits: One of the Best Decisions This Club has Made

Balanced Habits

Nutrition is a key component to your members’ health. With this in mind, Amy Abraham, the owner of Powered by You Fitness, partnered with Balanced Habits to offer a nutrition program that has proven results, was easy to implement, brought new prospects into her club and provided a significant revenue opportunity.

Here, Abraham shares why partnering with Balanced Habits is one of the best decisions she’s made for her gym.

CS: How were you introduced to Balanced Habits and why did you decide to partner with them? 

AB: I had been searching for a nutrition program for the better part of three years, at one point even trying to create it myself.  I was looking for something that wasn’t a quick-fix, meal replacement plan, heavy supplement program or gimmick. I wanted a program based on eating real food in balanced portions with an education component that was both easy for us to implement and for our clients to follow. I was thrilled to be introduced to Carolyn Fetters and Balanced Habits through NPE, a fitness business coaching program of which we are both clients. Balanced Habits met all of my criteria and then some — the years of experience they have in administering this program and proven results for both participants and partners made partnering with them an easy decision for me.

CS: What benefit has this partnership brought to your business? 

AB: We finally have a solid nutrition program to round out our offering along with personal and small group training. The results our clients are getting are selling the Balanced Habits program for us, we have sold out each of our KICK START programs with word of mouth referrals alone, and more than 50 percent of our program participants are not otherwise members. This is a great way to bring new clients in the door and the additional revenue stream is fantastic. 

CS: What benefit has this partnership brought to your members? 

AB: Our training clients have been able to successfully follow the Balanced Habits programs and seen better results from their workouts than ever before. Most of them have “tried everything” and they love this isn’t a diet or temporary meal plan that eventually is going to end and they’ll have to find the next thing. They have learned how to eat balanced meals in the right portions for their body and activity level, which is something you can sustain for a lifetime!

CS: How have you successfully implemented Balanced Habits at your club (keys to success)?

AB: Balanced Habits offers an amazing training and certification course that tells you exactly how to implement their programs. The ongoing support continues to impress me, as does the community of other partners who have been offering the program for a while and are happy to share their learnings and tips. We are currently offering the 28-Day KICK START and individual life coaching programs, which have added significant revenue to our bottom line. I am excited as we are about to roll out the other two programs including taking Balanced Habits OnTheGo into local businesses and partnering with local corporate wellness programs, which is clearly a tremendous opportunity.

CS: What else can you tell club owners about the benefits of working with Balanced Habits? 

AB: If you are looking for a solid nutrition education program that has proven results, is easy to implement, brings new prospects into your club and provides a significant revenue opportunity, then you need to explore a partnership with Balanced Habits. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made!


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