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Mental Toughness in Sales

mental toughness

Mental toughness is “a measure of individual resilience and confidence that may predict success in sports, education and work.”

We hear a lot about mental toughness in sports — but can we use it in health club sales? Yes, and here’s how.

Overcome objections. During a sales tour, you might be bombarded with objections comparing your gym to the nearby competition. If you are mentally tough, it means you are able to handle those difficult questions in a confident and positive manner.

Rise to the challenge. People who are mentally tough see challenges as a positive thing. Instead of just throwing in the towel every time a challenge arises, they learn how to overcome it, and then celebrate in victory.

Mental toughness also teaches us that if we do fail, it is only a temporary setback — nothing will stop us from achieving our goal.

Practice makes perfect. Even the most professional athletes practice almost every day. As a salesperson, you should act no differently. You should live, eat and breathe role plays, sales books and strategies. Practice makes perfect, even in sales.

Keep a positive attitude. If you’re not mentally tough, a few setbacks can completely throw you off. Being mentally tough in sales means being in control of how your month turns out.

It also requires you to overcome things that get in the way by sticking to the plan, regardless of how many objections you have to field. It may even mean changing the plan or adapting it to ensure that obstacles are cleared and forward movement is initiated.

Don’t give up. When a pro basketball player misses a shot, do they give up and walk away? No, they try again and again — until they make a basket.

In sales, it can be easy to be discouraged when your shots are missed. The key is keeping a “never give up” mindset. This requires confidence and self belief that no matter how many “no’s” you get, eventually you’ll get a “yes.”


Paul Conway is the owner of Crown Fitness and is also a consultant with Retentionetix. Email him at paul@retentionetix.co.uk.


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