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How to Make Every Phone Call Count

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Did you know that when a potential member calls your gym or fitness center, that phone call is worth $464?

Here’s the math:

  • The average gym membership is $58 per month
  • The average gym retention rate is eight months
  • And $58 x 8 = $464

What kind of caller experience are you providing for those $464 phone calls?

Every Call Counts

With $464 per call at stake, every call counts. That includes calls after hours, on weekends and holidays.

Even if you have your best sales person answering calls, they can’t answer every call. That’s why professional voicemail greetings, on hold messages and on hold music are essential to your marketing plan.

Here’s how to use these tools to make every call count.

Make a Stellar First Impression with Professional Voicemail Greetings

If your phone system is automated, you have the opportunity to make an amazing first impression every time.

With professional voicemail greetings, you can:

  • Script messages that keep customers engaged with helpful information.
  • Record messages with brand-aligned voice talent.
  • Make it easy for callers to get the help they want. Simplify your voicemail options and callers will love calling you.

And with the popularity of VOIP telephone systems, all of this can be done affordably.

Keep Callers On The Line with On Hold Music

When you use brand-aligned on hold music, you’re sending an unspoken message that you understand and relate to your customer.

When your on hold music matches your brand experience, you’ll keep your callers engaged and less likely to hang up. Members join your club because they love everything about you — the culture, the amenities, the music. Your telephone music on hold experience should simply be an extension of who you are!

A word of caution: it’s illegal to stream music from the internet or use the radio for your on hold music. Consult a company that specializes in on hold message services to advise you on legal matters. 

Market 24/7 with Relevant On Hold Messages

While no one wants to be put on hold, callers are more likely to remain on the line if you provide information they are interested in while they wait.

Be sure to include:

  • Hours of operation and website address.
  • Highlight your classes, fitness programs and new equipment .
  • Change your on hold message script to reflect holidays and special occasions.

And make sure that your script, voice talent and background music are aligned with your brand so that they work together to communicate a cohesive message.

Make Every Call Count

Depending on the number of new member calls you receive, you’re likely to have thousands of dollars on the line every year.

A positive caller experience sets the tone for the relationship, minimizes customer frustration and increases sales.

How you deliver your professional voicemail greeting, choose your on hold music and messages will contribute to making every $464 phone call count.


Bryant Wilson has spent more than 23 years helping businesses make great client impressions. Wilson is the CEO of On Hold Company/Aroma Impressions. With more than 17,000 clients internationally, his team provides professional voicemail greetings, on hold music and on hold messaging for independent clubs as well as national brands. For more information email bryant@onholdcompany.com, visit www.onholdcompany.com or call 800-492-9030.

Bryant Wilson

Bryant Wilson has spent more than 23 years helping business make great client impressions. Wilson is the CEO of Aroma Impressions/On Hold Company. With more than 17,000 clients internationally, Wilson and his team provide highly quality Aroma services for mom and pop’s and big brands a like. For more information email bryant@aromaimpressions.com, visit www.aromaimpressions.com or call 800-213-1920.

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