Q&A: What to Expect at a Club Solutions Event

Club Solutions director of events Carrie Yeiser

We sat down with Club Solutions’ director of events, Carrie Yeiser, to learn more about what to expect at the Club Solutions events this year and why intimate events are becoming great resources for club owners and operators.

CS: What’s the biggest difference between attending a trade show, versus more intimate events like the Club Solutions Leadership Summit or Retreat?

CY: The biggest difference has to do with connections. At large trade shows, your natural tendency is to go and talk with attendees or sponsors you already know. There is no need to introduce yourself or get outside of your comfort zone. At smaller events, you may know a few attendees, however throughout the event you are put into roundtable discussion groups and activities with everyone there. By the end of the event you have met everyone in the room. Many attendees tell us how the networking is invaluable at our events because of this. You truly make connections that last beyond the event.

CS: Which roundtable discussion topics do you think will be hot topics this year at the Summit and Retreat?

CY: Based on many of last year’s discussion topics and our editorial team’s feedback there are definitely a few that stand out. At the Summit, topics like “Tackling Technology Disruption” will lead attendees through deciding which technology pieces are truly valuable to their business, what is working at their gyms and what’s on the horizon. “Maximizing PT & SGT Profits” will be a hot topic at the Retreat. We’re seeing more and more clubs dedicating spaces for small group and one-on-one training— this topic will lead attendees through best practices for those areas and the management tools to elevate profits in those areas. And lastly, a topic that is always ever-evolving will be the “Social Media Marketing” roundtable at our Retreat. We’ll have a subject matter expert presenting best practices on this topic along with attendees getting to showcase and discuss best practices at their gyms. This topic gets requested almost every year, and I can see why.

CS: If someone is interested in attending a Club Solutions’ event, where should they go and who should they contact? 

CY: Interested attendees should visit peakemediaevents.com, and from there they can navigate to either our Club Solutions Leadership Summit or Club Solutions Leadership Retreat pages.  The Club Solutions Leadership Summit is sold out in May. The Retreat event in September, however, has limited spots left. Interested attendees can email me directly to reserve their spots or with additional questions at carrie@peakemedia.com.

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