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FitnessEMS with Service Connect Enhances Club Asset Management


The awareness of “asset management” has increased dramatically over the past five years. Operators have honed their ability to create profit and cut overhead to the point there aren’t many areas left for improvement — but managing the people and processes involved in equipment repair and maintenance is one area that remains.

“We’ve noticed new players in the game including equipment manufacturers and non-industry specific competitors,” said chief revenue officer Russ Hosea. “This realization meant we needed to adapt in real time to the industry’s needs.”

That is why FitnessEMS, an industry leader in club asset management software, has announced the release of FitnessEMS with Service Connect – their new platform replacing the current FitnessEMS system.

The new system can act as a single hub connecting all parties involved in keeping club’s equipment running smoothly. This concept will eliminate the need for operators and technicians to log in to multiple applications to achieve understanding of equipment repairs, maintenance and total cost of ownership.

“The industry has confused asset management with member usage data and equipment mix decisions,” said Hosea.

FitnessEMS keeps track of equipment and inventory vital to day-to-day operations and manages the people and processes involved in keeping that equipment operating correctly.

“It’s a question of who’s in charge? The club, the manufacturer or the service provider? Our view is that club has the most to lose when equipment fails, or someone gets injured,” said Hosea. “The club should control the system, the data and the processes.”

In today’s environment every operator is doing something. It comes down to whether they’re aware of the potential ramifications of an inefficient system.

For more information email rhosea@fitnessems.com, call 770-807-3026 or visit www.fitnessems.com.


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