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Use Mind-Body Fitness to Your Advantage

mind-body fitness

What is mind-body fitness? Is it yoga? Pilates? The fact is, mind-body fitness is all modalities that require one’s mental connection to one’s physical output while training. And it has morphed into a fitness movement.

You can use mind-body fitness — and the related props, training tools and programming — to your clubs’ advantage. This genre is one of the largest growing group experiences offered around the country, due to its appeal to all levels and ages of movers. Plus, it leaves your customers feeling a sense of connection not only to themselves, but to the space around them — your club.

Beat the Boom. First, take a comprehensive look at your club schedule. With the onslaught of companies like Peloton and chains including Power Yoga, SoulCycle and Row House, your club programming must have a comprehensive “one stop shop” element to stay at the top. If there is a gap in your class offering, such as mind-body, you risk losing members to competitors.

Bring Your Trainers Up to Speed. Because mind-body fitness is often not familiar to personal trainers, you must inform and educate your staff. Each should take a class in mind-body to experience the unique benefits these classes offer and how mind-body complements their own services.

Results = Retention. For members, building a strong core and mental focus enables them to move better through everyday life. The better results your members see, the greater your club’s retention.

Invite from Outside. With many stand-alone mind-body studios, you may consider “drop-in” members for mind-body specific training. They would have a separate rate card — not discounted — to only access the classes in mind-body, or an area you define. This way you open the door to a different audience who would never join a gym. This hybrid model can also be viewed as a “gateway” to eventual full membership.

Mind-Body Demo. Host a free mind-body class. Open up free classes in this genre, host a raffle or silent auction, create an experience and celebrate your members. Promote it well in advance via an online invite/social media and event page. This is a great way to hand out free weekly passes to potential new members, showcase and demo new programs and equipment to current members and create a wonderful sense of community.

Strategies for Implementation. When featuring or building any program or genre, think of the letter E.

Make it EASY: Whatever you do, members and potential customers must think that it is easy to incorporate into their current busy lifestyle.

It has to be ENJOYABLE: There must be a level of enjoyment for their participation, whether it is a free class, lunch or goodie.

Start off ECONOMICAL: Incentivize your members to try the new program(s). The hardest part is getting them in the door during weeks one, two and three. Catch them early with an affordable price so they can experience mind-body fitness at very low-dollar risk. They will quickly become your best brand ambassadors!

To compete in today’s market, your club must stand-out in facility, member service and class schedule. Mind-body fitness offers the “edge” you need to stay on top. Use it to your advantage — keep your programming fresh, members coming back, attract new members and create new revenue with specialized classes.


Erika Quest, PMA-CPT, owner of Studio Q Pilates Conditioning in Laguna Beach, California, is an honored Balanced Body® Master Instructor, part of the BOSU® & Hedstrom Elite Team and is also a Body Arts & Science International® Graduate. She is a regular instructor for Pilates Anytime, Inc., a premier presenter and international educator at fitness and wellness conventions. For more information on Balanced Body, visit balancedbody.com.


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