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Choosing Equipment for a Small Studio Footprint


The number of small studios has seen huge growth — both independent and franchise locations — and will continue to rise, according to industry sources. Many factors impact the success of these studios, with equipment selection and space layout being two of the first and most important aspects to address.

When selecting equipment, a blend of function, quantity, quality and precise layout all must be considered in order to provide an excellent member experience with an effective workout in a safe and appealing space.

Determining function is placed firmly on the type of activities your members will be doing. An indoor cycling studio obviously needs bikes, but more diverse activities require more equipment and products. Figuring out exactly what your programming will be is essential to the type and quantity of products.

The best value is not always the least expensive product. When looking at quality, the number of users and how intensely activities are performed should guide you in what durability level is needed. Just because something is engineered for lighter use doesn’t make it lower quality, but make sure to select the appropriate use product for your studio. Try not to let price be the only determining factor when deciding between products. Rather, look at the costs associated with the entire lifespan of the product. If you have to buy two of lesser-priced brand A in the time brand B lasts, what are your savings?

Putting everything together into a safe, well-thought-out layout is the last key part of your equipment planning process. Consider lighting, HVAC, traffic flow, member spacing during activities, equipment color, overall aesthetics and anything else relevant to your site that may impact a member’s use of your equipment. Utilizing a two-dimensional drawing software will help you to see how things relate to each other. A three-dimensional software will help you visualize things even more. Be precise in your work as success can come down to a matter of inches.

When all is done, your installation crew will have a great game plan for putting your equipment in the correct placements. With proper planning and consideration, you can take your empty room and transform it into an exciting and successful fitness studio.


Tim Nikolai is a co-owner of Omni Fight Club Distribution, which exclusively provides equipment and installation to Omni Fight Club franchisees. For more details on planning your studio space, please contact Tim at tnikolai@omnifightclub.com.  For more information on Omni Fight Club, please visit www.omnifightclub.com.


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