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Epsilon Impresses Gold’s Gym SoCal


In 2004, Gold’s Gym SoCal and Epsilon started working together. 14 years and 17 locations later, the partnership is still going strong. Below, Gold’s Gym SoCal director of marketing Troy Wise discusses what Epsilon has meant to his pioneering club, his marketing partners and him:

How has this partnership benefited your business?

TW: With 17 locations in Southern California, Gold’s Gym SoCal serves many different cities and demographics. With its data-driven marketing approach, Epsilon understands our various audiences, and how to speak to each. That’s helped us acquire more members and get the most bang for our advertising buck.

Plus, I think our partnership has helped us become better marketers. Both companies are very passionate about their work. Both have lots of ideas. Yet we’re open to each other’s ideas. There’s constant back and forth. We’re always pushing each other and the work.

How has this partnership benefited your members?

TW: We’ve gotten many people to join Gold’s Gym who may not have otherwise. For a long time, people thought of Gold’s Gym as a gym for body builders. But our offering is actually really diverse — there’s something for everyone. Epsilon has made sure everyone knows it.

Joining a gym can be life changing. Gold’s helps people look and feel their best. Thanks to our partnership with Epsilon, more people are joining Gold’s and achieving those goals.

What has surprised you about Epsilon?

TW: Like many clubs, Gold’s Gym works with numerous marketing partners. Often, our partners offer similar services, which can lead to some overly competitive behavior. I’ll just leave it at that.

Fortunately, Epsilon knows how to play nicely in the sandbox. The agency always makes sure our partners get what they need, when they need it. Epsilon has even hosted meetings with our marketing partners to get alignment on goals and streamline processes — it’s great. When everyone works together, everyone wins.

Are there other benefits to working with Epsilon that club owners should know about?

TW: Epsilon is an agency you can count on. With 20-plus years of experience, Epsilon is the foremost expert in fitness marketing. So the agency doesn’t need a lot of guidance or rounds of revisions to get it right.

Plus, the account people are a pleasure to work with day in, day out. Epsilon is all about building strong relationships with clients, both personally and professionally.


For more information about Epsilon and how it can help your club, visit epsilonlocal.com.

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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