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Balanced Habits Offers Education-Based Nutrition Programming


If you’re looking to add a solution for nutrition to your business in the fourth quarter of 2018 or to launch in 2019, you owe it to yourself to learn more about Balanced Habits™. This growing and innovative company has been changing fitness businesses and the lives of tens of thousands of people in North America since 2013.

Because Balanced Habits originated within the fitness industry, they are uniquely qualified to work with all types of fitness businesses, as they understand the specific needs for the success of nutrition programming in this space. This is not a product-driven solution for nutrition, but rather an education-based program in what Balanced Habits calls a “BH Füducation,” which speaks directly to the consumer in a simple and easily implementable approach, that in turn offers transformative results.

In today’s fitness industry — compared with the industry 10 years prior — eight out of 10 customers come in with a weight loss goal. And with the healthcare industry looking to the fitness industry to step in and support their customer with a lifestyle approach to health markers, now is the time to partner with a resource that can give your business what it needs to capitalize on this low hanging fruit about to fall in your lap.

If you’ve ever considered building an actual non-dues revenue business, and don’t want to spend a year or more testing a concept and hope to avoid costly mistakes, find out what it would take to partner with a company that has a proven track record with over 100 fitness businesses and over 140,000 lives all across the U.S. and Canada.

Invest in your business, team, and current and future customers today. Create a new profit center you can be proud of, and significantly impact lives in this meaningful way. Remember no one has to exercise but everyone has to eat. Partner with a company that can leverage this reality alongside your fitness business, ensuring not one, but two distinct profit centers, both consistently contributing to your bottom line.

As part of their turn-key approach, Balanced Habits certifies its staff, coined “Food Coaches.” Ryan Vogt, GM of the Tri-City Court Club in Kennewick, WA says, Our partnership with Balanced Habits has allowed us to confidently work with our members. When you are following the system, the guesswork is gone.” To read more comments from Ryan, read the full interview here.


Balanced Habits is the leading nutrition coaching program for consumers, coaches and businesses to reach their goals and live a higher quality of life.  As a business model, Balanced Habits supports businesses to develop significant non-dues revenue, by creating a new profit center and allowing the business to reach a much broader target audience than previously.  Contact Carolyn at 657-231-6779 or carolyn@balancedhabits.com.


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