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Reach New Heights in Facility Design with the Pinnacle Storage Line

Pinnacle Storage

There is an ever-increasing emphasis within fitness facilities and studios to evolve spaces to be more physiologically motivating and multi-functional than ever before. There is added pressure to create health and fitness spaces that are aesthetically impressive if not beautiful, all while being clean and sanitary.

Designed to meet the unique business and operational objectives of health and fitness businesses, Power Systems is proud to release our latest modular storage solution: the Pinnacle Storage Line. The industrial-chic look of the Pinnacle Storage series welcomes clients into a space where order and purpose are finely stated.

The Pinnacle Storage series can be configured to achieve any design vision while standing up to the demand of a high-traffic facility. Select linear columns and modular trays, rails and bins to functionally define spaces (group X, club within a club and dedicated areas) in endless layouts.

Choose from endless storage configurations, scaled to any space:

  • Storage rails are ideal for large items such as stability balls.
  • Multi-purpose trays that can be installed flat for kettlebells, slam balls or sandbags, or angled as a dumbbell rack.
  • Large storage trays for bulk accessories such as foam rollers, balance training tools and training steps/platforms.
  • Resistance band storage eliminates tangling.
  • Studio plate storage for group fitness.
  • Storage bin consolidates items neatly.
  • Studio mat storage keeps mats organized and tidy.

The Pinnacle’s steel design creates the foundation for heavy equipment storage, and a flat black finish ensures resistance to wear. Organize a complete selection of fitness tools and accessories in the most inviting presentation from Power Systems.

Invest in an industrial-chic design that stands the test of time:

  • Create inspired spaces with high-end, industrial storage.
  • Organize functional fitness accessories for effortless access.
  • Leverage height over square footage, optimizing space.
  • Stylized with state-of-the-art facilities in mind.

Offer your clients every opportunity to own the next phase of their fitness journey in an uplifting and organized space. Add Pinnacle Storage solutions to your facility plans to maximize storage and functionality with an element of beauty.

Designing a new or updated space? Contact a Power Systems representative to help you customize and fill a Pinnacle Storage System to meet your spatial and programming needs.


Visit powersystems.com, or contact 800.321.6975 and sales@power-systems.com.


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