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3 Ways CRM Will Help You Succeed


In a world where markets are getting saturated and competition is becoming fiercer, club owners need to develop strategies to stay ahead of their rivals. Just like you, your competitors are looking for an edge in a member-driven environment to stay on top. Understanding your clientele will be the biggest key to any business success. When you know what attracts new members and improves retention, you can better target your sales and marketing efforts.

Getting to know all your members and prospects is not an easy feat when you do not have a systematic approach in place. More so, as your club grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to track your member and prospect interactions. If you do not have one already, consider implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. CRM is a system that aims to improve relationships with existing members, target hot prospective leads, and win back former members.

This system can be brought into effect by using software that can track and manage both member and prospect information. While there are several reasons to use a CRM, here are three ways CRM systems can help your club succeed.

Comprehensive Reports and Data

As the saying goes, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” CRM systems compile and store information, providing you with the means to be able to analyze your data with performance in mind. You will be able to locate information such as membership demographics, cancellations within a time frame, measure sales goals, purchase activity, closing percentages and more. With better reporting you can make better decisions on marketing, reach untapped opportunities and manage staff performance.

Marketing Automation

As a club owner, you know the sales process from start to close involves a multitude of tasks in order to convert prospects into members. The best CRMs are designed to take those menial tasks out of your staff’s hands through the power of automation. Automatic emails and text messages can be sent to thank your prospects for coming in, invite them back for a free workout with a friend, tell them about a promotion they do not want to miss out on, etc. Through automation, you will not have to worry about your staff dropping the ball on a hot lead. They can focus more of their efforts towards actually closing the sale and resolving member issues.

Customer Service

Providing great customer service is one of the most important things that can set your club apart from your competitors. Members are looking to be heard, they want their problems to be resolved quickly, and they want you to anticipate their needs. With CRM, as soon as your member reaches out to the club, any of your staff members would be able to pull up activity concerning transaction history, last call interaction, interests or anything else that could help find a solution to the member’s issue.

Ultimately, CRM is meant to establish positive relationships that lead to loyalty, retention and a better experience at your health club. Building relationships is certainly not something any business can afford to ignore if they want to succeed.


Joanna Truong managed both privately owned and corporate chain health clubs for six years before accepting a consulting job at Twin Oaks Software Development in 2014. She can be reached at 860.829.6000, jtruong@tosd.com or visit healthclubsoftware.com.

Joanna Truong

Joanna Truong is a sales consultant at Twin Oaks Software and former health club manager at various fitness centers. She may be contacted at 860.829.6000.

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