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Staying Cryo-Competitive: Introduce Your Clients to Innovation


There are so many different kinds of clubs under the umbrella of health and fitness: gyms, wellness centers, chiropractors, martial arts studios, tanning salons and so forth. All have very different concerns and clientele. However, there are two things all clubs have in common: they want to deliver the best experiences possible for their members, and they want to enjoy profits while doing so. Enter cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy is an incredibly efficient method of recovery that has become popular throughout professional sports teams, as well as the health and fitness industries. It brings numerous benefits to the user, including faster recovery, pain relief, reduced swelling, stimulated blood circulation, a stronger immune system, improved sleep patterns and endorphin release.

The most popular form of cryotherapy is called whole body cryotherapy (WBC) — results can actually be seen after the very first session. With temperatures reaching as low as -220 degrees Fahrenheit, performance and recovery can be maximized in as little as two to three minutes.

Incorporating revolutionary cryotherapy technology into your club provides a wealth of benefits to your members and you:

1. Provides a necessary service customers seek: As a club owner, you are not just offering your members a trendy way to spend their money, but also a quick and efficient way to give them the benefits they need. Recovery after activity is extremely important, as this is when the body adapts to the stresses under which it was placed. Recovery also allows the body to repair damaged tissue and quickly restore natural energy through the release of endorphins. With cryotherapy gaining in popularity, customers are starting to seek clubs that offer these services.

2. High profit margin: WBC chambers are an incredibly profitable investment. The cost to run a chamber can be as low as three to five dollars per session, while the average retail price of a single session is 35 to 60 dollars. With that kind of margin, it easily returns its investment very quickly.

3. Perfect complementary add-on service: High-end gyms, salons, spas, and various practices are integrating cryotherapy into their offerings because it meshes so well with their business plans. One session takes anywhere from one to three minutes, making it an easy add-on for other services. A typical cryotherapy chamber does not take up much real estate, with some being able to fit in a six-foot-by-six-foot space. This allows for easy storage in almost any club environment.

10 sessions per day at $35 session = $9,800 per month profit.

Cryotherapy presents the perfect solution for numerous clients seeking its wide range of benefits, and club owners are paying attention. With the advancement in cryotherapy technology reaching new levels every day, it is only natural for forward-thinking businesses to connect the dots.

Implementing cryotherapy into your club is not just a new trend — it is also a necessary step to remain at the forefront of the industry and ensure you stay competitive.

For more information, contact Cryo Innovations at (888) 431-CRYO or info@cryoinnovations.com.


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  1. Alicia February 22, 2019

    Wow! It is very interesting to try cryotherapy, I guess. The new direction in health and fitness fields. Thanks for sharing!


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