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“Strap Into the Movement” with TRX Mbody — The Ultimate Group Functional Training Solution


TRX®, the global leader in functional training equipment, world-class training content and app-based training technology, announced at IHRSA that they will be officially launching TRX Mbody — a dynamic, scalable group training solution, applicable to the widest range of fitness levels and personal fitness goals.

Grounded in the science-based principles of Suspension Training® and integrated with cardio equipment and other popular functional training methods, TRX Mbody stands to revolutionize small and large group training formats within the commercial fitness industry. TRX Mbody will be available to commercial fitness facilities in the U.S. and Canada early next month.

Despite the seemingly ubiquitous presence of the TRX Suspension Trainer™ in most clubs and gyms, there remains a significant level of mystery amongst mainstream consumers about Suspension Training and its wide variety of benefits. Outside of its wide-ranging use by personal trainers, elite athletes and boutique fitness studios, Suspension Training has been largely under-utilized within group training formats in the mainstream fitness realm.

This presents an enormous opportunity for clubs and fitness facilities to capitalize on the widespread familiarity of the “yellow and black straps,” with dynamic group training programs that bring Suspension and functional training to life for mainstream fitness-focused consumers. For this reason, TRX developed the TRX Mbody program — an all-inclusive, efficient solution to transform the mystery of Suspension Training into magic for clubs and club members.

“Serving professional trainers and athletes with our commercial product has been at the forefront of our business,” said Chris Frankel, the chief science operator at TRX. “But with TRX Mbody, that focus shifts dramatically, working through facility operators and staff to bring Suspension Training and functional training to life for club members and mainstream consumers. TRX Mbody isn’t merely a workout. It’s a highly curated set of functional exercise programs that combine the physical, mental and empowering social benefits of group training, designed to keep members fully engaged and excited to come back for more.”

TRX Mbody comprises three specific programs — each designed to meet the goals of members — that carry a variety of exercise regimens and progressions:

  • TRX Mprove provides an entry-level experience with movement-oriented training.
  • TRX Mpulse provides a cardio-oriented workout for members focused on weight loss, while still providing the enhanced movement benefits of Suspension Training, seamlessly integrated with a wider range of functional training methods.
  • TRX Mpact provides a strength-focused, movement-oriented workout, designed to increase power and performance.

The program architecture of TRX Mbody is rooted in the science of TRX’s movement-oriented exercises and training principles, both on and off the straps. There’s also a science to the design of the various TRX MBody classes and progressions. To effectively and safely administer the programming, trainers must complete a TRX Mbody qualification course that focuses heavily on the TRX principles of foundational movements, manipulation of movements, loads, speeds and progressions.

Additionally, the course provides courses in modifications that address the best practices around coaching movement-based training to groups of varying fitness levels and body types. TRX will provide clubs and trainers with the necessary education to scale classes effectively and safely, guaranteeing the optimal experience for members.

In addition to programming and trainer certification, TRX will work hand-in-hand with club operators to curate the appropriate spatial requirements, storage, suspension anchoring and equipment to maximize success.

Finally, TRX offers a full range of TRX Mbody marketing assets to speak to members in-club, as well as prospects outside the club. The TRX Mbody marketing toolkit includes:

  • Video content that champions the power of movement-oriented training with TRX, while also detailing the science, efficacy and fun of TRX Mbody classes.
  • In-club promotional materials, including posters, flyers and educational brochures, detailing the programming and its benefits.
  • Print and digital templates for use in member acquisition efforts.
  • Robust digital library of logos, imagery, social media assets and more.

For more information on TRX Mbody, visit www.trxtraining.com/commercial/mbody. For general information on TRX Training, including TRX Pro4 System, TRX Home2 System, TRX Tactical Gym, TRX Rip Trainer, and functional training tools, along with their industry-leading educational programming, please visit TRXTraining.com.


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