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Effective Marketing to Members


We all suffer from constant information overload. So, how do we ensure our members don’t simply discard all of the important messages we need to communicate to them? Here are five practical tips.

1. Teamwork and Communication: The management team should be informed and onboard with any club promotions, programs or events before members learn of them. Share in the brainstorming process, even if you think your event only involves your own department. Some of the best ideas can come from fresh eyes and ears.

2. Map it Out: Create an internal event calendar and include marketing timelines leading up to each event. Each event, program or promotion should also have its own planning worksheet with details. These visuals will help clarify the lead time necessary to properly promote each event. 

3. Remember the Basics: Make it easy for members to find the information they’re looking for. Ensure your website content is always up-to-date. Check displays daily and remove or update any out-of-date information. Triple check all communications for typos. These are the little details that, if overlooked, can lessen the effectiveness and professionalism of your communications.

4. Don’t Over-Communicate: If you choose to target specific groups of members based on interests or other factors, use caution to avoid exhausting the members who may fall into multiple groups. Centralize your member communications through one person or department so they are well-coordinated. Keep emails relevant, informative and brief so members find value in them. And don’t over-send. Members don’t need four emails a week. 

5. Get Creative: Flyers, emails and social media are just the tip of the iceberg. Come up with new and creative ways to capture your members’ attention. Create visual displays in the club, and move them around periodically. Post signage in unexpected areas. We’ve used every space from our floors to our stairs to the ceiling. Let your staff theme out their uniforms to promote an upcoming event.

With a little planning, teamwork and creativity, your member marketing can cut through the communications clutter and bring more success to your club’s programs, events and bottom line.

Stephanie Coulon is the member services and marketing manager for Stone Creek Club & Spa.


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