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Theragun Brings Tech and Innovation to Gyms Around the World as They Unveil a Suite of Smart Recovery Solutions


Therabody™, formerly known as Theragun®, the leader in tech wellness and percussive massage therapy, announced today the launch of its fourth-generation Theragun PRO™, a commercial-grade Smart Percussive Therapy™ and Bluetooth® enabled device powered by QuietForce Technology™. The device seamlessly connects with the newly updated, fully personalized Theragun app. Theragun also announced the launch of the Bluetooth enabled smart Wave Roller™, pin-free wireless charging gym racks, and a multi-purpose yoga mat.

Theragun’s brand new proprietary motor uses QuietForce Technology, and delivers the unrivaled and renowned Theragun power, all at the comfortably quiet level of your standard conversation. No brushless motor on the market could deliver the Theragun standard of power and operate as quietly as they wanted, so Theragun invented their own motor to maintain the industry-leading treatment depth and power that emits hardly any sound.

Theragun’s fourth-generation devices blend comfortably into the background thanks to the dramatic reduction in sound. The fourth-generation percussive therapy devices are a manifestation of the company’s continued evolution, and now have seamless Bluetooth integration with their upgraded, fully personalized app experience. As the industry creator and innovator, Theragun is continually developing cutting-edge technology, putting them at the forefront of providing products and services that deliver effective and revenue-driving high-tech wellness solutions for any establishment.

Through the Theragun Control Center™ app, gyms will have visibility of all Theragun products in use, tracking activity via Bluetooth connection. The Wave Roller and PRO come equipped with RangeTech™ Anti-Theft Technology, which tracks all corresponding devices within a 30-foot radius of the device center. Once a device travels outside of this range, the owner is alerted and asked if they’d like to report it missing or stolen.

Similar to the “Find My iPhone” app, if the owner believes it to be missing or stolen, they are then able to disable that device remotely. This technology also allows the owner to re-engage the Theragun once it is located. Theragun is so confident in the ability of this technology that they will replace a missing Theragun device.

Committed to providing a suite of solutions for health clubs, Theragun also offers pin-free wireless charging gym racks, which create a convenient and durable home for the PRO and Wave Roller in every gym. Wireless charging allows members to transition from charging to using the device faster than ever while limiting broken stands and replacement costs.

“We are making a significant investment in research and development to provide the most advanced, personalized recovery ecosystem on the market,” said Benjamin Nazarian, the CEO of Therabody. “In a gym setting, our new Bluetooth features transform the member experience, allowing them to easily connect with the Theragun App and autonomously use our products before, during and after their workout. These features also give gyms the assurance and peace of mind that their investments are being protected. At Theragun, we are no longer just percussive therapy devices. We are a tech wellness company with a suite of solutions that help people feel better, naturally.”

Theragun’s new smart technology can provide specific data on device usage to gyms in order to drive better device management, member experience and integration into club offerings. Theragun has built out the TRP System™ for gyms to monetize devices by directly renting them out or using them as member perks within their businesses, via the Theragun App or their own POS system and/or applications.

Partners have the ability to implement Theragun’s Activity Portal Technology within their environments for users to scan and automatically add guided treatments to their profiles, simplifying the post-activity experience and adding immediate value to members. Partners can also integrate Theragun’s new product series into their digital landscape to directly share recommended device uses and treatment content to users’ apps, from classes to in-club services.

Theragun believes in providing a full suite of wellness solutions, including opportunities to not only help individuals improve their health and well-being, but also to help health clubs scale and evolve — prioritizing advanced recovery and health solutions as a key differentiator.

For more information on Therabody’s latest products and to stay up to date on company news, visit therabody.com and follow the brand on social media via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The Therabody app is available for download for iOS on the Apple App Store and for Android on the Google Play Store.


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