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Making Leaps and Bounds with Your Boot Camp

boot camp

Looking for a way to add resilience and growth to your fitness programs? Whether you are looking for a unique technique to promote a playful experience or add a new dynamic to your athletic conditioning curriculum, adding a trampoline boot camp to the mix will help your members achieve all their fitness goals. 

Here are four functions that make trampoline boot camps perfect for clubs, parks and recreation fields and at home:

Part 1: Stable or unstable surfaces? Which is best? Combat often requires a soldier to suddenly move from stable to unstable surfaces while also maintaining balance and coordination. People with an active lifestyle may also find the need to develop dexterity on different surfaces. We can only perfect what we practice, which is why trampoline boot camps uniquely service personal and group training leaders with successful strategies to build strength and stamina on stable and unstable surfaces.

Part 2: Impact or no impact? Can my joints take it? One main benefit of trampoline fitness programs is the opportunity to conduct vigorous cardiovascular activities with minimal stress on the joints. Continued trampoline workouts improve bone density, balance and coordination, increase core strength, and elevate energy levels, while also serving as a natural detoxifier by stimulating the lymphatic system. Best of all, the pain that sometimes comes from performing powerful plyometric drills is eliminated through using trampolines.

Part 3: Fixed or flexible floor plans? How can I create a fun space that is safe for everyone? Trampolines take up very little floor space, and are extremely easy to lift and stack up against the wall when not needed. Being able to adapt floor plans around the intended fitness program objectives helps create a positive psycho-emotional response from the workout.

Part 4: Consistent or varied outputs and modalities? What type of interval training is most effective and creates the best experience? The final part of the lesson development process focuses on the type of exercise science chosen to obtain the best physical and psychological responses, such as variable intensity interval training (VIIT). VIIT involves performing a series of exercises at different intensities throughout a workout, where each drill is followed by a period of rest. This cycle is repeated several times with the intent to improve overall performance and possibly increase excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

Call to Action. Trampoline boot camps utilize extremely effective fitness training techniques practiced by military tactical fitness instructors. Program participants are persistently immersed in proper form and safety, circuit training and competitions, fitness games and tests, while mitigating risk factors associated with high-impact exercises on the ground. Make the next big bounce the best workout of your members’ day.

Ken Weichert

Ken serves as the Boot Camp Coach course manager for JumpSport Fitness and can be reached at sgtken@sgtken.com. For more information, visit jumpsport.com/bootcamp.

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