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Heat Up to Increase Membership


Has your membership level reached a plateau? Running out of fresh ideas on how to breakthrough to that next level? Consider adding or expanding on high-heat performance training in your club’s offerings. 

Fitness gurus everywhere are turning up the heat. High-heat performance training is the fastest growing sector in fitness all over the world, and it’s no longer just hot yoga. From heated Spin to hot Pilates, almost every form of exercise is now being offered with added heat. Now there are even entire studios that offer “far-infrared” heat therapy for every fitness class.

Why heat? According to some advocates, infrared heat exercise can heal injuries, reduce stress, boost immune systems, improve flexibility, energy, clarity and focus, as well as balance our internal systems, detoxify our bodies and increase weight loss. 

However, the most well-documented benefit of high-heat performance training is cardiovascular. Multiple university studies have found training in the heat can increase an athlete’s blood plasma volume — which leads to better cardiovascular fitness — reduce blood lactate, lower overall core temperature, increase skeletal muscle force and, surprisingly, make a person train better in cold temperatures.

If you are thinking high-heat training is just for the hardcore enthusiast, it’s not. Exercise in the heat results in a greater load on your cardiovascular system, simply because your body is not just sending blood flow to the exercising muscles, it must also use energy associated with controlling that heat load. So, for any given activity, if you do it in a hot place, your heart rate will be higher, which is really good news for people with injuries, arthritis and other limitations who are looking for low-impact exercise that won’t do further damage. By offering several low-impact classes in addition to the more challenging sessions, you can keep your high-temperature studio space filled with happily sweating members all day, every day.

If you have considered adding a high-heat studio in your club but were held back by the cost or complexity of modifying the existing HVAC system, there is an affordable and effective solution. Infrared heat has become the standard for the top names in the fitness world. Depending on the temperature you desire, there are several manufacturers with multiple options for installing a standalone infrared heating system in your high-heat studio space: wall-mounted heating units, suspended and lay-in radiant ceiling panels, and flush panels that mount directly to a drywall surface. Infrared systems are easily installed at any time without drastically altering the existing heating system or look of the studio.

There are also additional benefits of infrared heat. Without fans and heat exchangers there is no noise, drafts, distribution of unhealthy bacteria or allergens, and dry, desert-like air. Infrared radiant heat maintains natural humidity levels without the need for artificial humidification, eliminating the odors from mold and bacteria present in many convectively heated studios. 

So, heat up to increase your memberships.

Ralph Wilberg

Ralph Wilberg is the director of sales at Radiant Electric Heat. Please contact Ralph at rwilberg@electricheat.com or 800.774.4450.

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