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Can Your Members Take the Heat?


Saunas have been used for centuries as a way to cleanse the body and help promote relaxation. But, saunas today are far more modern, and healthier, for customers than ever before.

If you’re considering offering a sauna in your club, consider the most modern sauna on the market — the far infrared sauna.

This type of sauna uses radiant heat, much like the sun, to directly heat the body and raise your members’ core temperatures. Sweating is one of the safest and most natural ways for the body to detoxify, helping to rid the body of toxins and environmental chemicals.

In addition, the use of far infrared technology can help members lose weight, increase circulation, relieve pain, reduce cellulite, purify the skin, promote relaxation, promote healthy sleep patterns and lower the user’s blood pressure. Other benefits that have been noted are hair growth and stress reduction.

When searching for a far infrared sauna partner, look for one with credibility and great customer service. If something goes wrong with your far infrared sauna, how quickly will they help you solve the issue? Are they easy to get ahold of? Online reviews can be a great tool for determining if a sauna partner is up to par.

With the growing popularity of sauna and hot exercise like hot yoga and Pilates, far infrared saunas are a great addition to any rehab or sports facility. They are also very beneficial to a gym, spa or health club owner’s bottom line. They can help increase memberships, as well as retain current members.

In our hectic world, where everyone seems to be over worked and over stressed, far infrared sauna use could be a valued solution. A member can receive numerous health benefits in a short amount of time, leaving the user refreshed, well rested and over all healthier.

Can your members take the heat?


Alison Pitre is the marketing director for Hotworx. For more information visit hotworx.net.


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