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Podcast: Recovery Reimagined — Therabody’s Science-Based Approach

Therabody podcast

Over the past couple of years, recovery has become one of the biggest trends in the health club industry, as operators seek to help their members perform better, recover faster and ultimately gain better results.

In this episode of the Club Solutions Magazine podcast, Club Solutions’ president Rico Francis chats with Nick Trosko, vice president of global business, and Tim Roberts, director of sports science, at Therabody. They chat about percussive therapy, recovery trends, and why the brand is so committed to education, science and research.


  • Roberts highlights why science and research are a huge component of Therabody.
  • Trosko shares a bit of his background, which includes 20 years of gym industry experience.
  • Roberts is an applied sports scientist by trade, and was the lead sports scientist for the NFL’s international pathway program prior to joining Theragun.
  • Roberts defines recovery and its role in exercise and competition. He also highlights the benefits of percussive therapy, explaining it’s an attractive recovery option for three reasons:
    • It’s accessible. Anybody can use it.
    • It doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s relatively easy and cheap to maintain.
    • It’s versatile and can be used in multiple settings, including PT and Group X, or on its own.
  • Trosko explains recovery isn’t just relaxation, adding there’s a lot of science and research behind percussive therapy in particular, and it can be a true value-add to the customer experience.
  • An overview into why the massage gun industry took off as a trend, and how independent trainers have been using these devices.
  • Trosko discusses why Therabody leads with education — educating customers on the value of percussive therapy and how to monetize it successfully, how to train staff, etc.
  • Percussive therapy is a great way to upsell training clients. However, according to Trosko, Therabody wanted to create a product that could also be used on its own, sans staff. This presents retail opportunities.
  • Roberts discusses why Therabody stands out, due to the ecosystem the brand has created surrounding the three pillars of science, education and the product itself.
  • According to Roberts, science isn’t as valuable unless it’s being well communicated. That’s why Therabody thinks education and teaching are so important. “Yes we have a great product, but it’s how do we communicate the education to people, and how do we get them to get the most out of it?” he said.
  • Roberts discusses the push toward wellness, and how technology can be a key component of that.
  • According to Roberts, Therabody’s mission is to drive convenience and provide people with solutions. Once you have that convenience, you get more consistency, and you have members who are happier because they’re able to achieve their goals.
  • Trosko discusses the wow factor associated with percussive therapy.
  • Roberts shares why Therabody is committed to defining the future of tech wellness, and the role science plays in that effort.
  • To close, Trosko and Roberts highlight where Therabody is headed, and how clubs can benefit from the brand’s innovations in the fitness space.

This episode of the Club Solutions Magazine podcast is sponsored by Therabody.

Theragun was created in 2008 and officially launched in 2016 by chiropractor Dr. Jason Wersland after suffering a life-altering injury. Building on over a decade of research and development, the brand’s gold standard Theragun percussive therapy devices use proprietary state-of-the-art technology to effectively reduce muscle tension, accelerate recovery, and improve performance.

In 2020, Theragun rebranded to Therabody, continuing its mission to provide natural wellness product solutions through innovation in the percussive therapy space as well as launching its own U.S. grown and USDA certified organic CBD line, TheraOne.

Therabody is the most trusted percussive therapy brand among professional sports teams, professional athletes, celebrities, world-renowned trainers, physical therapists and people in more than 50 countries. For more information on Therabody’s latest products and to stay up-to-date on company news, visit therabody.com and follow the brand on social media via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The Therabody app is available for download for iOS on the Apple App Store and for Android on the Google Play Store.

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Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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