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ABC Fitness Solutions: The Backbone of Hidden Gym’s Operations

Hidden Gym

A comprehensive club management software is paramount for effective operations and member engagement, and ABC Fitness Solutions offers a complete solution that will elevate any gym’s performance. Greg McCoy, the owner of Hidden Gym in Allen, Texas, has been a partner of ABC for over 11 years.

After working with them in various capacities in the years leading up to starting his own gym, ABC was the first company he called when he founded Hidden Gym. Today, they’re an essential piece of his business, a company he “would recommend to everyone.”

Below, he shares more about his experience working with ABC and how they make operations at Hidden Gym more intuitive:

What do your staff and you love most about ABC?

The visibility they offer into my business. The reporting features are incredible, and they allow me to make great leadership decisions at a moment’s notice, because I’m never without information. As far as my staff goes, it’s got to be the customer service and speed of help they give. We can call them for a wide variety of things — we probably talk to ABC several times a week to ask about little touchpoints with our members or for reporting questions. They’re extremely accessible and quick with their help.

How has ABC benefitted your club and your members?

One of the better things they’ve done is increase our engagement with members. The business is all about keeping members inside the gym, because if they’re not there, they’re likely not getting results. ABC gives us great visibility into how often members are coming, check-in history, and how to get a hold of them — anything we need to know. That allows us to stay engaged with our members, which is what, in the end, delivers the results they signed up for.

Why is it so important to have a comprehensive management software solution like ABC?

Honestly, I can’t imagine running the gym without ABC. The new Trainerize powered by ABC is huge for us. We have been using Trainerize as the base of our personal training business for a while now — it’s how we offer programming for members, whether they’re in our gym or not. With the branded fitness app, I was able to move from per-session pricing to monthly pricing, because it includes the value of programming and communication support for my clients. This resulted in nearly doubling the PT revenue and I spent half the time working on programming. As they continue to integrate, I am excited about what it can mean for my business moving forward.

On the billing side — a sensitive topic that’s very fundamental to delivering a good member experience — they bill on time, they’re easy for members to get ahold of, and they keep payments up to date. I trust them completely with billing our members.

How would you describe ABC’s customer support?

I would describe it as warm. They’re very personable, from the music you get while you’re on hold to the way they talk to my staff or me. They’re very friendly and warm, and they’re quick and responsive to our problems.

Why should other club operators consider working with ABC?

Honestly, I think if you were to use another solution, you would be operating at a disadvantage to clubs that do work with ABC. It just gives you so much visibility, and there are so many upsides for your staff and members, that I would definitely want to have them on my team — especially if I knew the gym next door didn’t.

Visit ABC Fitness Solutions’ website to learn more about the brand’s solutions for health club operators.

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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