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PT Services Post-COVID: The Evolving Normal


Whether you’re surfing the net, talking to neighbors, reading the paper or watching TV, the most popular phrase being used today is unequivocally “the new normal.” 

However, there is nothing normal about the COVID-19 situation. A more appropriate mantra would be “the evolving normal,” or a gradual development of a standard that is usual or typical.

There is something to this phrase, “the evolving normal,” and I think we should embrace it when thinking about the tactical reintroduction of our personal training (PT) services. The unforeseeable future created by COVID leaves uncertainty and no roadmap regarding how comfortable our clients will be engaging with us. This forces us to evolve and innovate our PT operation from its pre-COVID state. In fact, evolving and innovating your PT services beyond the limitations of your walls is the path to your future success.

How do you reintroduce your PT services and implement the evolving normal? The answer is simple: Meet your clients where they are. Find their comfort levels and apply what my team and I call the “hybrid model.”

What is the hybrid model? Imagine taking your traditional services/brand and expanding your outreach and audience by infusing virtual products, support and accessibility. We believe this will expand empowerment, customization and quantifiability of your PT offerings.

There are many ways to virtually deliver your PT services. Step One is knowing who you are, what services you provide, and matching that to your clients’ needs and goals. Virtual training programs will not work if you don’t have a strong product. Using social channels to connect and engage clients while strengthening your online community outreach, creating digital fitness programming, providing content and access to support the client experience, and providing virtual PT experiences in one-on-one formats or small groups are all ways to thrive in a virtual environment.

The hybrid model aims to take an established PT product and deliver content, support, community and communication to ensure optimal results. If you’re prepared, the evolving normal may be just what the doctor ordered.

Cecil Hightower

Cecil Hightower is a partner in Villa 59 Fitness Consulting.

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