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Credible Certifications: Education That Connects and Inspires


Credible certifications and continuing education within the fitness industry is of cardinal importance. Fitness professionals understand that elevating and evolving their education deepens their value and credibility in the marketplace. It goes beyond obtaining a threshold of credits, and into expanding one’s knowledge, skill set and ability to help others.

There are many options when it comes to continuing education. Some carry credits and some don’t. They can be delivered digitally, virtually, in person and through audio methods. You can spend 30 minutes or over two days in the process. The good news is there’s a myriad of education in the industry to fit the needs of each professional.

When making a selection, it’s important to choose content that comes from a credible source. The curriculum should be relevant, grounded in science and digestible to allow for client application. It could be deep in science, but if it doesn’t connect the dots to how one can apply it, there’s a disconnect. Content that carries continuing education credits from respectable providers is a good place to start. Some of these organizations require an extensive application process including, but not limited to, presenter vetting, policies and procedures, content review, evaluation metrics and survey practices.

When reviewing continuing education accredited companies, there’s a caveat to keep in mind around semantics. There are many companies in the industry that claim to offer a “certification” — however, it may not always be official. To be officially recognized as “certified” after a professional education course, a full evaluation process and accreditation by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies is required. Education courses on the market should supply a certificate of completion, or a qualification versus a certification.

Building a team of fitness professionals who value education and strive to expand their skills is a great way to drive revenue and client retention. Education that connects and inspires members makes the difference between mediocre experiences and ones that will establish deep relations with ongoing sessions, creating a safe and trusted environment where effective, results-driven training takes place.

Steve Katai

Steve Katai is the director of education projects at Therabody. More information can be found at therabody.com.

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