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The Post-COVID Solution: Small Group Training

post-COVID solution

JP Richard, the president at TRIBE Team Training USA, shares how SGT can save your fitness club in 2021, and why it’s the post-COVID solution.

As we enter the last quarter of a year none of us could have predicted, the focus by club owners and fitness directors everywhere must be on the future exercise choices in our new reality.

During the better part of the past decade — prior to this year’s pandemic — small group training (SGT) was fast becoming the exercise choice among members at alarming rates. According to an IHRSA Report in 2017, over 14.9 million people tried SGT and as a result, many now choose to only exercise this way.

In the last eight years, trend lists from dozens of industry experts all agree SGT is now a non-negotiable offering. Industry-published reports year after year are also proving more members, more profits — even now — and more retention are all possible through a world-class SGT solution. Here are the five reasons why SGT is the perfect post-COVID solution:

1. Personalized service. More than ever, members want and need quality coaching. They no longer want to be another face in the crowd. SGT coaches provide the glue between the club, the member and their results. They deliver personalized service in a close community by building trust and understanding, all while helping them achieve their ultimate goals. 

2. Safety. Now more than ever, safety is paramount in club operations. Large crowds in packed rooms are no longer a safe option, at least for now. SGT offers a smaller, more manageable experience by keeping members apart, while still providing a shared social experience. With this more focused, individual approach to results and movement integrity, members will feel cared for in a safe environment. 

3. Profit. SGT has been proven to be the most profitable ancillary revenue source pre-pandemic by up to 43.7%. Since then, many clubs have leaned into this department knowing it delivers value and results. Many are adopting this focus as they know this is the future for any successful club. SGT is here to stay.

4. Retention. SGT invites members back time and time again, as it creates amazingly strong relationships, not to mention desired results. Offering reoccurring six or eight-week sessions with the same coach — like personal training — at a fraction of the cost means no other department can replicate these retention rates.

5. Fun factor. Clubs have also been a social outlet. Arguments can be made that now, more than ever, the mental health and stress relief from regular exercise are the reasons people join clubs. SGT is the best way to connect with members at scale in an environment best suited to a variety of different demographics.

Although a lot of things have changed in the past nine months, what remains clear is members want quality, value and results in a safe and caring environment. By offering world-class SGT, it will meet the needs of our members and give club owners much-needed revenue.

J.P. Richard

J.P. Richard is the CEO of Tribe Team Training™ North America. For more information email jp@tribeteamtraining.com or call 514-554-8580.

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