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Episode 25: The Power of Data at MXM with Blair McHaney


Can data make a difference? Time and time again, MXM powered by Medallia has proven it really can.

In this episode of the Club Solutions Magazine podcast, Rico Francis, the president and co-founder of Peake Media, sat down with Blair McHaney, the president and CEO of MXM and the owner of the Worx of Wenatchee Valley, a two-location health club based in Wenatchee, Washington.

They dive into how McHaney got his start in the fitness industry, what role data plays in health club success, the gaps and shortfalls McHaney most often sees plaguing clubs, an incredible turnaround story and the future of MXM.

Show Notes on MXM and Blair McHaney

  • Since he was 14, McHaney has never missed a week of working out.
  • The one reason why McHaney wishes he had a college education.
  • His first experience with Medallia.
  • What does McHaney’s day to day look like at MXM?
  • The member experience is just a collection of memories. So, what’s a company’s role in that?
  • Why assumptions need to be replaced with actually listening to the customer.
  • Your club is more like a business-to-business relationship with members than a business-to-consumer relationship. Here’s why.
  • There’s an implied SLA — service level agreement — that every single member has in their head.
  • What people mess up so frequently that it’s unbelievable to McHaney.
  • What should happen practically in the club once you get data on the member?
  • Oftentimes there a gap between what club’s sell and what they deliver. Here’s why this is a problem.
  • McHaney shares a success story on data and its impact on a set of clubs.
  • Developing “Healthy Clubs” questions to find out what members are concerned about in terms of COVID-19.
  • What is the Bounce Back Feedback? And what does the word “free” have to do with it?
  • The thing many don’t know about MXM and Medallia.
  • Looking into the future for MXM.

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