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MOTUS CI Expands Analytics Solutions to Aid Fitness Clubs’ Recovery


MOTUS Consumer Analytics is utilizing its proprietary analytics platform to help clubs build back stronger after the COVID-19 pandemic.

MOTUS Consumer Analytics, the all-in-one analytics and marketing company, is utilizing its proprietary analytics platform to help fitness clubs build back stronger after the COVID-19 pandemic. Sourcing over 60,000 data points, the MOTUS CI analytics platform generates data insights that are specific to each clients’ unique trade area and membership base.

“The pandemic only further stressed the need for reliable consumer data in fitness marketing,” said Pete Stipher, the president of MOTUS CI. “We saw this in real-time as we worked with our fitness clients throughout 2020 and early 2021. They would ask for expanded capabilities or run into unexpected problems, and we were able to build new analytics solutions to solve them. Now that the industry is opening back up, we have a suite of field-tested, data-driven solutions that can help fitness clubs recover faster and grow their member base.” 

Service Line Optimization is one of the new solutions developed during the pandemic. It empowers fitness clubs to sell more add-on services like personal training. It works by analyzing the club’s personal training (PT) client data and identifying shared traits amongst the clients. The MOTUS analytics platform then pinpoints non-PT members in the club who match these traits and builds a prospect list. The club can then begin targeting this prospect list with PT marketing.

“In a time when clubs are struggling to convert new members, Service Line Optimization offers an opportunity to generate more revenue and increase retention levels among existing members,” said Stipher. “Not to mention, on average, the probability of selling to an existing customer is above 60%.”

Service Line Optimization joins MOTUS CI’s existing analytics solutions like Core Customer Profiles, Competitor Analysis, Addressable Geofencing and Location Studies. “In the end, our analytics solutions answer the most basic and important question in marketing, ‘Who are my customers?’” said Stipher. “If you don’t know who your members are you can’t build effective marketing and you can’t deliver an exceptional member experience.”

A MOTUS study of HVLP, luxury and studio member visitation rates before and during COVID-19 showed significant shifts to member segments across the country. “Your most-valuable member segment in 2019 may no longer be a viable prospect pool. So, you can’t just blindly continue blasting out the same old marketing content to the same prospects,” said Stipher. “Our solutions provide clubs of every size an in-depth look at who their top members segments are, the services they are most likely to purchase and the marketing channels they prefer being engaged through. All at a price point that other analytics companies in the industry can’t match.”


Written by MOTUS Consumer Insights, the all-in-one analytics and marketing company. To learn more about how to win back members with data insights, visit motusci.com.

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